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    Default getting a back on track fleece blanket today, how to use

    Hi all, have a pony with some back soreness issues, mildly cold backed, also have had saddle fit issues which has left her a bit sore (which are now resolved). She is also very cold in general, clipped with no hair grown back in two months and we have frigid temps here in VA (for us) It was recommended that I try a Back on Track blanket, and it's coming today. Ideally I'd like to leave it on her at night or just during the day, but realistically, I am not going to be able to get the barn staff (this is a HUGE barn and understaffed) to swap her blankets every day and I am not near enough to the barn to do it myself. I am there just about every day for a few hours in the PM. Is it a horrible idea just to put it on her and leave it there? what is the recommendation for use?

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    There should be enclosed instructions with the blanket. If they are anything like the no-bows, you must gradually get her used to the product. I think with Romeo, I did 1 hr on, 3 hrs on a couple of times , 5 hrs on, and then finally kept his wraps on overnight over about a weeks period of times.

    So I would do it for an hour or so the first day or two, then leave on for the full time you're there...then see if you can put it on and they can take it off a couple hours after you leave.

    she may get sore if you just leave it on and go.

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    My 25 year old lives in his mesh sheet under his turnout whenever the weather allows. If they made a fly sheet he would wear BOT year round. Makes an incredible difference in the way he moves. Right now he is trace clipped and is wearing the mesh sheet and a medium weight in these ridiculous low temps. I went out to the barn yesterday expecting to add a 3rd layer but he was toasty underneath as is. For the record, I have used virtually every BOT product they make and have never done the gradual period. But my horses were used to wearing the regular version of whatever like no bows etc. so I wasn't introducing them to something new, just a different material.

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    i know this is old but i'm so glad i found this thread. it's really cold here in the PNW and i put my gelding's BOT sheet on under his blanket last night and was worried about leaving it on all day/night. sounds like he'll be okay and even appreciative of having it.

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    Good to know Laurierace. I have worked my mare up to leaving her BOT sheet on over night. I left it off last night (it was 70 degrees) but put it on this morning (cold front came in and it is now 35!) I was hoping I could leave it on under her blanket. Supposed to barely get above freezing the next several days.

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