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So I've been following this thread with great interest as I'm getting back into lower levels after a 20+ year break (yes, that is a 20). I need to purchase a vest that will allow me to compete at Novice levels in USEA zones II & III. While I'm all for trying stuff on to find what best suits...I just want to make sure I understand this:

ANY vest will allow me to compete so long as I don't leave it in the tack stall when I mount up for x-ctry.

This is like picking out white paint...too many options for what sounds to be all the same. Any specific recommendations GREATLY appreciated. PS - space for bosoms appreciated.
Try the Airoware Outlyne. I just got one and it is super comfortable and adjustable. It is designed for women so it tends to fit a womanly figure well. It is light and flexible. A very nice vest, I would definitely try it on when you're looking