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    Dec. 28, 2012

    Default Clipping and Joint care for a draft cross.


    I'm hoping someone can give me a hand with a couple of questions ...

    1. I have a 16 year old TB/Percheron draft cross who is very healthy, but has been blessed with those pesky draft genes that cause him to grow a very thick coat. I usually clip him in the spring and fall, but I noticed he is getting very hot and sweaty in this NJ heat and humidty. His hair is not particularly long, but it is thick. On top of that, he's black which I think just helps keep the heat in. Is it wrong to clip him again now, and will I be creating more work in the future?

    2. That same horse is starting to jump some higher heights (i.e. 3' to 3'6") with a very good trainer. I have been doing preventative maintenance on his joints - eventhough he has never had any serious lameness - using feed through supplements. I'm not convinced I'm doing much more than helping him create expensive urine, so I'm thinking of switching to something like Adequan or Legend. Until I looked at the cost!! Is it worth it as a preventative measure, or am I better off to wait until he starts to show problems and then bite the bullet? Likewise, does anyone know of any good substitute that works.

    Thanks for your help.
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    You don't mention his age. That is a consideration when looking at a heavy coat in summer.
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    It's not "normal" for a draft horse to get a heavy coat in the summer. I suggest you consider IR or Cushings as a possible cause. Treatment of these can help restore a more normal coat.

    For now, clip to keep him cool. I bought a set of used cattle clippers to use on my Belgian mare who has Cushings. They worked quite well.

    As to joint supplements: My theory is, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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    I,also, would check with my vet about his coat to determine if his growth is normal. Older horses are prone to cushings and IR, particularly draft crosses from what I have been told. Blood work would take care of the guess work.
    I use pentosan IM for joints. Less expensive than other injectables. Do loading doses and then use once a month.
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    Default Some draft crosses are thick coated

    Even as healthy, young, well groomed horses. They don't get that slick, tight coat that you can see their blood vessels through like Thoroughbreds.

    While at 16, a little bloodwork for IR wouldn't be amiss, I wouldn't hesitate to clip him again, he'll likely appreciate it, it is H O T this summer and most draft crosses much prefer cold to hot and muggy as all get out.

    I'm on the fence about supplements, I'd probably just inject his joints as needed, but my history is a great deal of time at the race track prior to doing the jumper, hunter, fox hunt thing with the draft crosses.

    At 16, routine joint injections by a qualified vet on a competition horse of any breed jumper, hocks, stifles, would be fairly routine.

    Nope, they aren't cheap, nothing that really works is.

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    Oct. 13, 2011
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    I have to clip my black percheron several times during the summer. The heat and humidity are too much for him. He's 23 and cushinoid. The thick summer coat was my first clue. Prascend keeps his bloodwork in the normal range, but I have not seen an improvement in his coat being so long.
    He's on a senior joint supplement, I reckon it helps....But sometimes I have to think that joint supps are like pissing on a forest fire.

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    Dec. 28, 2012


    Thank you everyone for your advice, I really appreciate it. I don't think he is cushionoid, but it's not a bad idea to check. As far as the join supplement, thanks, Parrot! I think I'm going to try the Pentosan.

    Once again, thanks all for the advice.
    ~ Because sometimes you need a rainbow, butterfly, unicorn kitten.

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