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    Default All this boot talk...

    I've lost a lot of weight and my boots are now quite large - like I can fit my hand in them large.

    At what point would you have them taken in?

    I'm debating right now whether to have the work done and hope they still fit come spring, or if I should wait until spring and see how much more I lose and if I can buy new off the shelf.

    I've always had really large calves, and I have water retention issues, so I can literally swell inches over night sometimes. Doesn't make the decision much easier.

    Originally Posted by JSwan
    I love feral children. They taste like chicken.

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    I can understand the water retention issues but not to the severity you are describing. I would wait until the spring until you have reached a plateau or choose to not lose more weight. I would consider new boots (dependent upon the drastic amount you need to take in the current ones). You don't want to lose the integrity of the boot and compromise the structure or the shape. If you do dramatically retain weight, you may want to consider bringing in the boots to the size when you are bloated and have them along with newer ones to fit your new figure. Just a thought. I know I have to adjust my socks and breeches to help my boots fit when I am bloated, is yours more severe than that?

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    You know, that's a great idea - have one pair for my bad days and one pair for my good days.

    And yes, the water retention can be so bad that I have to take up to 120 mgs of furosemide in a day. I can lose 5+ lbs of fluid in a day. Serious edema.

    Originally Posted by JSwan
    I love feral children. They taste like chicken.

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    treat yourself to a new pair of boots!!

    if they aren't show boots, you could always just go with paddock boots and a pair of nice, high quality leather half chaps instead. This is what one of my boarders chose to do and she's thrilled!!

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