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    Mar. 16, 2009


    How I kept warm today:

    north face fastdry warm bottom layer
    equissentials winter breeches
    ski socks
    north face fast dry warm top layer
    turtle neck
    zip up sweatshirt

    After I was done riding and had to clip a horse, I pulled a pair of jeans on over my britches/fastdry, and put on another pair of warm fuzzy socks. I love the fastdry because it really does dry me off right away. I've used it as a base layer, ended up sweating while I was riding and I didn't freeze afterwards

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    Apr. 27, 2012
    South Central PA


    I get cold so so easily... and tend to wear way too many layers

    That being said I recently purchased Mountain Horse's Original Jacket.... as my friend says "Its like someone turned on a heater as soon as you put it on!" It is so warm, and it doesn't take nearly as many layers so I'm actually flexible while riding!

    Other than that? I wear leggings under my breeches but have yet to find a way to keep my feet warm in my regular boots. They get really cold and clammy even with wicking socks...

    I wear a fleece ear-band under my helmet, and recently received a pair of Heritage Extreme Winter Gloves... which are super duper warm and waterproof however they are a bit bulky so its hard to undo bridle buckles.
    Telling a worrier to relax is counterproductive. Then we worry about relaxing.

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    Jul. 11, 2002


    I live where it gets cold and I try to keep riding (outdoors) so long as the footing is reasonable – snow is fine; ice is not. I wear:
    ~Brit Rider boots:
    ~Smart Wool Socks
    ~Windpro breeches (Kerrits or Irideon) – I wish I could live in these – most comfortable things ever!
    ~Winter riding pants over the breeches. Currently I’m using Mountain Horse but I also have an old pair of Tuff Riders (which I think are warmer but they are not nylon outer so a little less wind resistant)
    ~Active wear long sleeve shirt (long underwear that is wicking – wicking is important!)
    ~t-shirt (long-sleeve)
    ~Down coat (I pick mine up from Eddie Bauer Outlet year-end sale – mens department because they’re warmer and allow more room for layers underneath)
    ~Irideon Chinchillaaah neck warmer
    ~Fleece helmet cover that covers my ears and chin
    ~Gloves – most of the time I use riding gloves that look like ski gloves but for really cold days I use Manzella Hockey Mom gloves
    It’s a lot of clothes. But they work for the most part – I still end up taking some time off in the winter but that is largely due to footing and/or sideways blowing snow/sleet.
    Curious about those skirts – I’m guessing they are après ride wear?

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    Jan. 14, 2012


    I have made winter riding clothes my personal treasure hunt for the past few months. I'm starting to keep my eyes peeled for good deals on tech fabric tops for summer now. Anyhow, I will list my favorite things.

    -el cheapo winter headband from Walmart when not riding
    -el cheapo scarf my mother gave me. It's thin, polyester and can be wrapped around in several ways.
    -any tech type long sleeved undershirt. No cotton. Period. I have picked up a ton of nice ones at Kohls for cheap!
    -wind and water resistant/repellent outer layer. Again I got a killer one on sale at Kohls made by Columbia.
    - 4-in-1 coat. One of the layers in wind resistant with a fur lining. Amazingly warm on its own.
    -I just found and LOVE fleece leggings that I again picked up at Kohls for $10. It turns any breech into a winter breech. Plus I can later it under winter breeches and over my tech fabric legging.
    -Brookstone Performance socks!!! These things make my feet comfortable in my MH Active Winter Riders. Love those boots but wish they had fur in the sole because cold radiates up from the rubber when I ride.

    I also have this zip up with thumb holes. Added layer for my hands!

    I will echo that layers are key! On some days, I am rocking 3 on bottom plus my zocks and now the Brookstone sock. Up top is 5-6 layers: tech long sleeved shirt, tee, zip up running jacket, Columbia wind/water resistant jacket and sometimes the base layer of my 4-in-1 coat. I have only thrown the whole coat together once to help do a lot of chores around the farm with my trainer. This keeps me warm in Ohio weather with NO indoor arena. I have even been known to peel a lot of this stuff off when riding. I also like my RSL Davis gloves. They are pretty warm once you get moving. Don't underestimate thin but technical layers. The key things to me are no cotton, something that wicks moisture, and anything that is wind resistant. Minus my boots that I got for Christmas last year, I don't think I move spent more than $30 for any of my winter clothes. Gotta love bargain shopping, eBay, and Kohls!

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    Apr. 9, 2007
    Zone IV/Area III

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    Nov. 10, 2005


    I wear Tropical Rider Toasties or Toasties Elements. I wear a thin pair of long underwear(usually Cuddleduds) under breeches. I like either extended patch or full seat for winter(helps my butt stay in the saddle when the horse might be frisky). I bought some great fleece socks this year called Acorn-got them at REI. Super cozy feet. If I'm just riding around the farm, I will wear my Dublin tall river boots- these are surprisingly warm even with cotton socks. Otherwise , I will wear paddocks and half chaps. I have a fleece sleeveless top that I put on as base layer, then a thin long underwear top, then turtleneck. I got a coat this year that is similar to the Mountain Horse heavy jacket that is very warm. I have one of the turtlefur neck gaiters which I love. I can use it around my neck or pull it up to cover the lower portion of my face. It can also fold in half and be used like an ear warmer. I do have a thin fleece ear warmer that fits great under my helmet. Another thing I have that I love is a wild rag(cowboy silk scarf). These are so thin yet so warm and can be tied so that you can pull it up over the lower portion of your face. When I am riding my hands generally don't get cold, so I usually wear all weather SSG's or Kerrits Gloves. Once I am done, I have some thicker gloves that are more like ski gloves that I can put on for doing chores.

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    Nov. 20, 2012
    north carolina


    Doesn't anyone use toe warmers in their boots, Wonderful and last for hours, hand warmers for below 30 also great in mittens.
    Why aren't people riding in full chaps.? I had a pair custom made yrs ago in Colorado when we always rode all winter , nothing as warm as leather full chaps.

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    Sep. 21, 2009


    Another vote for Tropical Riders Toasties - I don't even need a layer under them. I just layer to death on top with various thermals and fleece or sweaters. Gloves - I got RSL gloves for barn work, like picking out hooves, but use SSG basic pebble grips to ride - my hands don't get too frigid riding and I hate bulky gloves. Best invention ever is the winter helmet cozy! I can't imagine using a balaclava since you can't take it off when you get warmed up riding. With the helmet cozy, it goes over your helmet, you velcro the fleece over your face, but can undo it and even velcro back to keep it out of your way as you warm up.

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    Nov. 10, 2005


    I have full chaps, but don't really wear them anymore. My feet generally don't get that cold when I ride if I have adequate socks on. I do have some of the hand and foot warmers, but don't use them that often. I rode yesterday, it was low 30's. I didn't even wear any layers, just toasties and fleece socks, river boots, a turtleneck and my heavy jacket, and regular gloves. When I got done riding, I had to take my coat off for a few minutes because I was too hot.

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