Are they really as nice in person as in the photos? I'm about to return yet another girth I purchased online because I'm not satisfied with it. This one is a Smartpak girth, its nice looking, however it doesn't have triple elastic like I would have expected (reading fail on my part) and I can see it getting stretched out in no time.

So, I've been really impressed with how well my Bobby's bridle has broken in and I'm hoping a Bobby's girth will not fail me - they look beautiful. The small price tag ($99 from is leaving me feeling questionable about the purchase. I'm all about a great deal, but you tend to get what you pay for.
Here's a pic of it
So, can anyone vouch for the quality of Bobby's girths?
How much will the light brown Bobby's leather darken with oil? I have an older butet that's darkened quite a bit over the years, but its not quite as dark as Havana. I was considering getting the light brown and oiling it, but I don't know if it will still be too light.
My last question - Has anyone ever dealt with They don't have a phone number which makes me nervous about ordering from them.