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    Default Questions about mare registry, inspections and Mare Performance Tests???

    I have a registered selle francais mare that I compete in eventing and jumpers with. I am planning on breeding her in a few years once she has proved herself in performance, but I am a compulsive matchmaker and am always eying stallions that I think would match well with her. I "think" I would like to stay within her current registry, but have started looking at other registries as well to expand my options. I was talking to Hugh Bellis-Jones, who heads up the AHA, and he was talking to me about their inspections and Mare Performance tests.

    How important is it to get a mare registered in one registry approved/inspected in another before breeding to a stallion of that registry?

    What would be the value of me attempting to take my mare through the mare performance test route?

    If she's currently registered Selle Francais, and a potential stallion is registered Hanovarian, but approved for Oldenburg and several other registries, is there "really" more value in me getting the foal registered hanovarian versus oldenburg?

    Or am I better off just looking for stallions that are approved/registered Selle Francais?

    Like I said, the breeding would be several years in the future, but I am trying to decide whether to invest in the inspections now...

    Thanks for any and all opinions!

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    I think the most valuable registrations for a horse in the U.S. are Hanoverian, Holsteiner and Dutch. So I think you should present the mare to AHS. But I see no reason to do the mare performance test since it is for getting a mare Elite status and only Hanoverian mares can be Elite
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    It would be of benefit to take her through an inspection sooner rather than later. Accidents happen and if she ends up lame, it will be hard to score well at an approval, enough so that it could prevent entry into some of the stricter books.

    Pick a registry you'd like to work with over and over again. If you ask 10 people what the "best" registry is, you're likely to get 10 different answers. See what is close to you. The MPT does have more value to outside mares in certain registries, less so in others. It really depends on which registries you decide to present her to.

    Take the time and go to a few inspections/keurings and see which group you feel at home with.
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