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    Quote Originally Posted by HyperionStudLLC View Post
    Doing both C&C is a good way to start. If cost is an issue, then simply doing a culture on a maiden 3 yr old should suffice unless there are issues.

    My vet does it the opposite way. She does a cytology before inseminating, and only does a culture if necessary. I sent a maiden to her last year for a frozen insemination, and when the cytology was negative nothing more was done. The cost was minimal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by winter View Post
    So you are going to breed your three year old? YAY. I am going to start mine in March, and make the call whether to breed her by the end of April.
    Yes. She gets one shot at it. She is scheduled to go to the trainer in May, but I have contacted them to see if they can bump it up to April. Trainer only has an outdoor at home, so spring weather might be an issue (I hope it is--I hope we get rain). I would probably try to breed her in May (no need to go super early, she isn't getting re-bred as a 4 year old). That gives her over a month to settle in at the training facility. She's not a worrier, and travels well, so I think she will be fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrotTrotPumpkn View Post
    If I remember correctly we lost one cycle for infection treatment. Not multiple cycles. Someone correct me on this, but say the mare comes into heat mid-April (which how I'm supposed to tell without a male horse on the property is another issue--hopefully she's a hussy like her mom was and it's super obvious). Anyway, then the horse goes for the C&Cand obviously you lose that cycle if you are waiting for results. I don't remember treatment taking a huge amount of time. In fact, with one breeding (the one I got the mare I'm talking about conceived on) the vet suspected an infection (we hadn't done a C&C--I know more now than I did then) and started the antibiotics as we did the 3rd and last breeding. She had a foal by her side that year and we did not do a C&C at the beginning of the season.

    Do you mean you are only trying one time this one season, or you are just trying one season? Jane, I would have a reproductive exam done if you haven't if she doesn't have a foal at her side and isn't a youngster.
    Thanks, TTP. I plan on having one foal. If all works out. She's no spring spring chicken, but isn't decrepit either. She's had four percheron cross babies that were exquisite and sold for a good price.

    I was going to start with the C&C when I get a good chunk of change saved up, so its probably going to be mid spring this year.... I'm super excited and excited for you too!!!

    What are your goals for the baby to be?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HyperionStudLLC View Post
    If cost is an issue, then simply doing a culture on a maiden 3 yr old should suffice
    Actually, doing only a cytology would be both cheaper and more accurate than doing only a culture, not to mention quicker, as an endometrial swab sample cytology smear can be taken, prepared and read in under 15 minutes. Doing only a culture will result in a fairly high percentage of false positive or false negative results

    See our article on the importance of a cytology smear for more details.

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