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    Feb. 19, 2009

    Default Huge Lump?

    So my mare has what appears to be a huge edema on her rear. Its on the back of her right flank, and about the size of a football. Its what I would expect to see if she had gotten kicked, but she is never turned out with anyone and the way our turnouts are set up a horse wouldn't be able to kick through the fence and actually make significant contact. And what is really weird is she looked fine being brought in from turnout the previous afternoon around 3:30pm, and then when I came to see her the next day at around 11 it was there.

    She doesn't have any kind of temperature (I took it three times yesterday, all ranging from 99.4-99.6), is eating/drinking fine, and appears to be moving around normally. Vet has been called but he is dragging his feet on getting out the barn. He has seen pics, however and is 99% sure based on those that it appears to be some kind of trauma and not say, pigeon fever or an abcess (especially due to the fact it came on so suddenly). He is supposed to be coming out this week for sure though.

    However, I am concerned because I noticed the lump on Sunday, and yesterday it did not seem to have gotten any better.

    Is there anything else I should be concerned about? Anything else I could be doing to help the swelling/fluid go down? Any idea what the heck could have caused this?

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    My gelding had one in that location, was about the size of a basketball. Hauled in to vet asap and Doc pronounced it a seroma, drained it, and packed us home with Lactated Ringers to flush it with daily. Healed up just fine, random trauma likely the case, he was alone in turnout so not a kick either. I wouldn't worry, but do make sure the vet does show up within a day or so.
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    It does sound like a seroma. I've had 2 different horses get them in the field. One was drained, the other was allowed to heal naturally. They both cleared up just fine.

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    Feb. 19, 2009


    Thanks, this does make me feel better. It is pretty ugly to look at!

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