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    Default trailering in the cold

    What to wear & how much do I open the windows?

    I need to trailer my clipped horse in 15 degree weather - the trip is 1.5 hrs. He normally runs hot & travels in just a cooler sheet (when temps are 30 to 50 degrees). I'm thinking of a cooler sheet, with a breathable sheet on top & opening the windows a 1/4 way.

    I know ventilation is important, but with this wind, I don't want a cold draft the whole time.

    Suggestions welcome!

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    I'd use something a bit lighter than what you'd turn him out in, to start, and then check him at 30 minutes or so. You DO want to open windows or it will get nasty in there with his body heat and moisture. When I travel in cold cold, I open rear windows about 1/4-1/2, vents overhead to open facing back, and the stall windows about 1/4-1/2. I think I also cracked the windows at the head.
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    One layer lighter than what he normally wears outside (breathable a must) and just open the opposite side windows from where he's standing. What one person pessimistically calls a "draft" another person optimistically calls "good ventilation". Drafts are not evil, mysterious or deadly things. It's just air flow. And air flow is good.
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    Way too easy to overheat him with too much covering and keeping the windows almost closed, even with his being clipped.

    You figure horse is moving to balance ALL THE TIME the trailer is moving. So he is getting an hour and a half of constant work, going to your destination. I know I start losing coat layers in the barn cleaning stalls, and that isn't even much moving around, and this is even in these single digit temps. Usually finish with just a fleece vest over my sweatshirt and thick hat on. Don't NEED a coat by then because I would be dripping wet. And I don't even have many stalls to do! Body core is plenty warm with easy moving and lifting stuff into the spreader.

    I put an Irish Knit sheet under my ONE heavy layer for hauling. My heavy layer is really pretty light compared to a turnout blanket. The Knit gives horse more air space to remove any skin moisture when hauling, but not letting him get chilled. Mine are not clipped, and we put up boards to cover the slats in the stock trailer for winter hauling. They get PLENTY of air, just not directly on them.

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    I would think some sort of breathable turnout on top would be good. Just hauled 3 hrs in 30* weather with an unclipped horse in a t/o sheet to use as a windbreaker. I opened up the windows halfway.

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    Nov. 17, 2006


    Just did a 45 minute trailer ride with my horse in his breathable turnout. It was about 30º. I had all windows open as much as possible. He got sweaty.

    I think less is more.
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