On Highway 61 near Dubuque Regional Airport. News video at the link. Note: graphic images on the news video. Fortunately the family wasn't killed or seriously injured after the car rollover. A farm owner and horse owners are having a very bad day.


DUBUQUE, Iowa - A Dubuque family suffered minor injuries after hitting four horses on Highway 61 Monday night. Those horses then died along the roadside.

Many drivers saw the horses lying along that busy highway on Tuesday. It happened just after 9:30 a.m. near the intersection of Pitz Road, a few miles south of the Dubuque Regional airport.

Sheriff's deputies say more than a dozen horses got loose from a nearby farm. The owner was able to catch most of them except the four that ran all the way to the highway.

First a semi hit the horses, then the car. The four dead horses remained along the road. Three of them were in the median and one other was on the shoulder of the road.

Around 1 pm on Tuesday, the owner used a front loader to remove them from the road.

The driver of the car told TV9 the car rolled after hitting the animals. The driver and his wife had minor injuries.Their two year old son was not hurt.