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    Jan. 21, 2010

    Default trailer window shattered; it's glass?!

    Horse was loaded in trailer, I went to open the sliding portion of a drop down window to get some air flow, and when it "hit" (mildly, in my opinion, it's not like I slammed it open) the other side, the entire thing simply shattered into a million pieces, cutting up my hand.

    Needless to say, I was shocked. I had no idea that trailer windows were glass!! I thought they were plastic! Or is it some sort of intense plastic that looks like/acts like glass? I have never seen plastic do that before.

    It's a 2004 trailer, and it was only 40 degrees outside this morning. This trailer has lived in the north, including 5 years in MN, with sub-zero temps, and I have never had this happen before. It was quite dangerous, as the window pretty much exploded all over my injured, stall-bound, crazy TB who was in the trailer, heading to the hospital for a recheck appt. I had to unload Crazy McGee to clean up all the glass.

    I'm assuming a trailer repair place can fix the window, but should I have them all replaced just in case? Thankfully this is a small portion of the window that exploded, but I'm very nervous that if a small bump like opening can shatter it, that going over a pothole in the road may shatter another, much larger window, and I won't know it until we reach our destination.

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    Sep. 24, 2004
    Triad, North Carolina


    It was made of tempered glass. It is designed to shatter into little pieces. A small stone or nick or temperture change or any of x reasons can cause it to shatter. It is more durable than plastic.
    Don't worry about the other windows.
    When you find the cost of replacing the broken glass, you might consider using a peice of Lexan instead.

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    Jan. 21, 2010


    learn something new every day. thanks!

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    Aug. 19, 2012


    They are made out of the same stuff as car windows. They are designed to shatter into little tiny pieces on impact ... So that while they can cause minor, superficial cuts they are less likely to cause serious, deeper cuts than regular glass, and the tempered glass is much more durable and stands up to the environment better than plastic.

    I had a horse who, one time, freaked out, reared up, and broke one of the trailer windows with his front hoof while tied to the trailer. He had one teeny tiny superficial cut on his pastern but otherwise came through the incident none the worse for wear. Although the new window did cost a bit ...

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