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    Jun. 16, 2012

    Default Do you know this horse?

    "Speed Score" 2009 Chestnut Gelding- Grand Slam/Moon Maven by Dixieland Band Missing after vanned off Charles Town's track 9.13.12 This horse has a crooked RF leg (or he did when he was being broken), and is a pretty horse, to me at least. I would love to know what happened to him. Ever since his last race (which he placed 2nd in perfectly sound then was pulled up and vanned off) I have been haunted by thinking of where he might be. *shudder*

    If you know any of these horses PLEASE let me know who has them (if its a private owner that's fine if you don't want to tell me their name, I just want to know if they're OK), if they are okay, or if they are in trouble.

    "Sever" bay gelding 2008, Horse Chestnut/Detach by Unbridled (Full brother to "Unlatch" another horse I know!! GO UNLATCH!!!)
    Broke down and was vanned off track at Hoosier 8.22.12

    "Red Catherine" Chestnut mare 2008, Kokand/Gina's Gold by Sticks and Bricks.

    Raced 12/11/12 was fifth, went missing afterwards. Would REALLY like to know how she is, because she's a nice little mare and if she is in trouble I can take her, or I know some people that may take her.

    Thanks, those were the major ones! If you know a trainer/owner of any of the following horses, and ever think they're in trouble, please let me know!

    Let's Forget It
    Sky Alert
    Custody (she's OK as of Saturday, I just saw her at a training track!)
    Valentino Beauty (he's gone missing, too actually.... he was undefeated...)
    RUNNING RACCOON I call dibbs on this big dark bay gelding! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if he needs a home, I have a place in my barn waiting for him! I've known him for about a year and a half now, and LOVE LOVE LOVE him! He will Never change hands after me if I get him!

    Croon (whatever happened to her?) If anyone has her, be warned, this filly is Very athletic!! like flat-footed-from-halt buck type athletic, canter up to 4-board fence and rear in my face athletic! rear then buck and throw a kick on top of the buck athletic!! Good luck with her if you have her!!
    Carve- He melts my heart! I love this colt, although he acted like a gelding when I knew him!! I would walk up to him and wrap my arms around his nose like I do my big gelding! Carve is adorable, so if he needs a home LET ME KNOW!!! He of course will lose them if he comes to my house- no studs in sight he're!
    Unlatch- I Call dibbs, haha!!

    That's all for now....

    for now, that is!!


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    Over where it's HI in the middle and round on both ends.


    The Jockey Club website has a place to put your name down as willing to help a specific horse if it needs retired. Try putting these horses names in as ones you are willing to help.
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    You can look up the names of their last owner and trainer at equibase and call the track to see if the trainer's still there and at least leave a message. Some of those tracks are closed for racing right now so some horses may not be racing because their stable is wintering over.

    And sign up for Thoroughbred Connect on the JC's website-you can also search the list of horses whose owners have listed them as needing assistance. Only list a horse as one you're willing to help if you ARE willing to take them, though, and realize a lot of owners and trainers don't know about/use the service.

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    My friend foaled out Rover and I do believe she's been in contact with the owner (possibly trainer) to be a home when he's done racing.
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    That's wonderful about Rover, he's a big pony!! I.m glad someone is looking out for him!

    I actually have signed up for Thoroughbred Connect, and keep it updated, but thank you!!
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