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    Default Puppy with hydrocephalus

    I having been helping a friend with her corgi puppies and took the little female who has shown poor growth to the vet today for an evaluation. She has what the vet describes as a moderate case of hydrocephalus. I have done some research on the internet and now have more questions than before I started my research!

    This puppy is 4 weeks old. She is developing fairly normally but much slower than her siblings. She is significantly smaller than her littermates but with TLC she continues to gain weight.

    The vets recommendation today was to see how she does until about 8 weeks and evaluate from there. I guess this is what I am not sure I understand as what I see on line does not indicate it is something that will get better.....Anyone else dealt with this?
    What was the outcome?

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    SOrry to hear about the puppy.

    Hydrocephalus can be mild to severe, and often treatments depend on how severe it is. Is the puppy having any neurological signs?

    I have seen many puppies with hydrocephalus, most toy breeds (corgis not so much!). The ones we see are generally neurological, many of these pups are hospitalized short term for monitoring and mannitol treatments, followed by steroid/diuretic/proton pump therapy and a few have required shunting. If they are not showing neurological signs, often home treatment with steroids and/or diuretics /proton pumps are enough to get them through the hydrocephalus stage until they can handle the CSF appropriately.

    In some cases, it can be due to other disease processes (liver, viral) and if the pup is not doing well, these should be looked into.

    Here is a long, but great article:

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    Oddly, I was contacted today by somebody looking for a corgi puppy having recently lost one due to hydrocephalus

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    I would say the puppy shows some neurological signs although they seem to be getting better as she matures. She is maybe about a week behind her siblings. She used to get really hyper when she was hungry and that has gotten better. My vet had a wait and see what the next few weeks bring and did not suggest any medications. That suggested to me that this is something she might mature out of although she will be smaller and mentally not as sharp. Is that accurate? This is where I am confused as not what I am reading on line? Thanks!

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