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    Quote Originally Posted by McGurk View Post
    Mullen mouth rubber snaffle?.
    I'd recommend this as well.

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    Default Don't sacrifice horse's mouth for beginner balance problem!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by crosscreeksh View Post
    A neck strap or even better a yoke will save the poor horse while the rider learns to balance. Horse shouldn't be asked to suffer through the learning process!!
    The horse's mouth will be wrecked, OK that's dramatic but certainly hardened, by rider hanging on for balance and when or IF the rider ever improves, the horse's mouth will be ruined! Is it worth it? Lunge line , no reins, neck strap until rider gets balance.

    THEN REIN-AIDS!! they have a bit of elastic in them and saves a horse's mouth from a hard handed rider. Actually most horses could benefit from the use of these reins or inserts. WELL WORTH THE PRICE!!!

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    Another vote here for the Tory jumping hackamore. Most horses go quite well in it.
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    Have you told her she hangs? Is she aware of it? I would maybe explain she should "train" him to stop with as little pressure as possible and explain how her seat and abs factor in. No bit or hackamore or even a halter will fix this, unfortunately.

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    I know it's not what you were asking, but why not focus on why she is hanging on reins?

    Can you spend some lessons on teaching her better balance? Is it a physical strength/balance issue, do you think? There are off-horse exercises she can do to improve that. Or is it a body awareness issue, as in she's not realizing what she's doing?

    Can you put her on a lunge line for a few sessions?

    And I hate to say it, but maybe change what horse she rides? If nothing else, for a really green horse, the rides he gets now sets the foundation for the rest of his riding career. Is it worth it to have to undo a dead mouth or any other bad habits?

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    The OP is not the rider's teacher. Rider is a back yard owner who has made it clear s/he is not interested in taking lessons. Rider owns the horse in question. I got the impression that OP may be able to suggest a bit but that's about all. Very sad situation, I feel for the horse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oliverreed View Post
    The OP is not the rider's teacher. Rider is a back yard owner who has made it clear s/he is not interested in taking lessons. Rider owns the horse in question. I got the impression that OP may be able to suggest a bit but that's about all. Very sad situation, I feel for the horse.
    Glad I'm not the only one who picked up on that. +1 on feeling sorry for the horse, which is what drove my comment about shoving a bit in his owner's mouth and giving her a taste of herself.

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    Nothing is gentle with a rider hanging on the reins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HorseKrazy View Post
    This is interesting and giving me some fresh ideas/perspective for my kid! I got her a pony for Christmas last year, my kid was 6, the pony is a been there done that senior (17). But, the pony had quite a long time off when we got to her. And she is blind in one eye. We have made many changes while riding this last year, and have learned a lot, the pony is safe but quite challenging. I don't mind that too much, but it has taken quite a long time just to get the pony to go in a straight line! I have taken the bridle away because once the pony stopped constantly challenging our daughter on steering/direction I could tell she needed a reward, and our daughter was hanging too much on her face. She still is occasionally hanging on the halter. I think a neck strap is a great new addition! We constantly tell her to 'put your hands forward' she is aware of why we took away the bridle/bit, but still relies on the reins too much. I think part of this s because the pony will take advantage of the freedom she is being given to go anywhere she wants! And the pony won't lunge. I guess I'm kinda stumped! But, at least now I know what bit to look into when she is ready for that again! I would love to do lunge line exercises with no reins and just a neck strap I think that would do wonders, but that dang pony! Oh well, sorry to high jack! Just thinking out loud here!
    You need to teach the pony to lunge or long line. You have more control long lining. I suspect the little bugger knows how But the other thing I used to do with little ons like her was pony the pony off another horse on the trails. Give your rider a neck strap and attach the reins to a halter (sounds like that is what you have done). But in the end, she is 6...she really isn't physically strong enough to hold herself and control the pony. Just give it some time and keep things FUN. Focus on giving rewards, grooming etc. Don't worry too much about really riding.
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    Those of you telling the OP how to teach ....well, I hope you ride better than you read

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    Hey, I wanted to say thanks to the poster for the rein-aids info.
    I am a good rider and have a solid seat and steady hands but I have been retraining a 20 year old who is very hesitant about contact.
    I experimented today by using my lunging side reins as reins (just attached the elastic end to his bit and held the web part) and he responded really well. I think just that little stretch and softness reassured him.
    I am definitely going to buy either the attachment or the elasti-reins.

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