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    Default Stallion Restrictions (from STB land)

    Just saw this in the January issue of HoofBeats and thought it was interesting:

    It's an interesting idea, but I guess it'll take several years to see if it has any real bearing on keeping stallions racing at least through their four year old year.

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    they've been talking about this for a while now. I don't know what to think about it. I do (hesitantly) like the concept. Part of the standardbred history, is that these horses are *tough.* We still have heat racing for crying out loud. Let's see the TBs do that. Make the Derby a heat race like the Little Brown Jug, and the Hambletonian are? Right...

    There has been a trend to yank the stallions after their 3YO years to go straight to stud for a lot of money. (and if you have a lighting fast 2YO... after that season) In doing so, how do we know *which* stallions would have had the stamina for a longer career? Kind of goes against the "old" ways... you know, great stallions being fast and HARDY and lasting for years.

    I agree whole heartedly with the sentiment. But I don't think the world cares about sound any more. Just fast.. and the world doesn't want to waste their money.

    I could be wrong. Maybe there are official reasons that I'm not thinking of. But that's my take on it.
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    Checking in from STB land..I'm 6s and 7s about it. Here are my thoughts:

    -There's loopholes. If you get a vet statement of sorts, you can be exempt from this rule. Case in point: Archangel, a middle-of-the-road trotting stakes colt, retired at the end of 2012 (his 3yo year), got a vet statement for a "breathing problem" so he is exempt. I'm imagining vet statements are going to be pretty easy to secure, so what's the point?
    -There is a good bit of $$ to be made at the 4yo level and beyond, but, the 4yo season is notoriously a tough year for horses transitioning to the older ranks. So, if you have a super-nice 3yo, a lot (not ALL, but a lot) of times, you're going to have a less impressive year at 4 and this can be damning to a stud fee. Likewise, probably bc of the early speed factor, a 3yo coming off a huge year will command more stud fee $ than one coming off a huge aged-horse career (another case-in-point: Chapter Seven, 2012 horse of the year and was absolutely dominant this year at 4, after a fairly good but not exceptional 3yo year marred by illness, has retired and will be standing for $8,500 this year. Similarly-dominant in their age group sires Deweycheatumnhowe, Donato Hanover and Muscle Hill stood for no less than $20,000 their first year at stud (after their 3yo year).
    -However, I am of the opinion there are far too many stallions out there. A lot of which have no business perpetuating the breed, IMO. I don't know that this will solve that problem, though I'm not sure that's really the point of the exercise anyhow.
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