My 2 cents and experience...years ago I sold the classic "Good Ole Boy" to an older woman 3 states away as a trail and hunt horse. Horse left here with perfect ground manners...that's how all are horses are expected to be. After two years and a trainer who did PP to 4th level as I recall, the woman's health caused her to give up riding and she sold the horse back to me. (I don't often buy horses back, but horse was REALLY nice.) He arrived here after a 24 hour trip on our big 2+1 custom trailer. DD (adult/horsewoman) snapped the shank on the gelding's halter and dropped the chest bar. Horse bolted through the trailer and dragged DD down the ramp and across the yard. I gave him a week to settle in and rode him myself...NO manners at all. No clean departures and NO brakes!! He rode like a complete PIG!! (This horse was showing and eventing to training level, but was rude about everything. Went to give him a bath after the ride and he wiggled, spun and backed away from me. After some "words" and reschooling over the next few weeks and an occassional "reminder" good old horse is "back"!!! Not naming names, but I tend to think it was the PP trainer not the old woman!!! Just my story.