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    Default Lockable Saddle Rack or Tack Locker??

    We are in the process of finishing our barn (4 stalls, this is a keeping the horses at home situation, NOT a boarding barn). Have the frame and walls of the tack room up and thinking about how I want to finish it off. The tack room has a nice big window, which is of course an opening for someone to come steal a saddle. While the barn and really the whole farm isn't visible from the road, I would worry, thefts DO happen. I had thought since I have three saddles to worry about, to build a little tack closet (tack/feed room is 12x12) that could be locked and would also make saddles not visible. But that sucks up a good bit of space in the room, and wondered if it would also just encourage more mold on the saddles as well (hot humid climate). HORZE makes a lockable saddle rack, and I thought that might be an alternative. Anyone have experience with this. I don't mean to be paranoid, but we do go out of town frequently enough on summer weekends that I wouldn't want to worry, AND if I have someone else feed for me, I would like to not run the risk of an unlocked tack room in this situation.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Ayrabz has a thread about her "no tack room" and there are a couple of tack lockers - one of them is actually a closet - I like them for cleanliness and additional security. If the bad guy can't see your tack he might not break in to the tack room, and once he gets in there then he has to get through another layer of difficulty, hopefully a good lock on a stout door.
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    Default scenario is: I did not have a separate area for the 'tack room'....I had a 'aisleway' with barn doors/a I chose a corner and added a large corner armoire....(fun, as its sorta an antique...HUGE sucker off craigslist) and had doors cut into 4 pieces, so bifold now, that will fold back completely vs. two large ones that would hang out into the 'aisle'-----I'm like you, wanting to lock the tack up 'inside' the barn/tack area. Now, will I find I hate it due to moisture/mold, etc? I'm not sure as its not fully in function/housing all the tack yet. But King's Ransom also (!) has an 'outfitting the new tack room thread' (I think its on Off Course, and starts with' PHOTOS " where she too has a tack room, but also chose a lockable/separate tack box/locker for her area as well.....I do find? the big corner armoires can be a space saver if thats something that works for your set up!
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    The humidity level in a tack room will be exactly the same as the humidity level in a tack locker or trunk.

    The tack room, however, has vastly more air and at least marginally more air movement meaning that the problems of "storage of leather goods in hot, moist, still air" will be marginally less.

    A tack room takes up space but give some real benefits. First, you can put in a de-humidifier and dramatically reduce your moisture, and mold, levels. Second, you can easily secure all your stuff with one key. Third, you can put an alarm system on that room with one set of wires. Fourth, it's a great place to put the 'fridge that holds cold drinks. Fifth, you can keep some folding chairs, tables, and a grill in it for parties. I'm sure others can come up with additional uses.

    There's no law I'm aware of the regulates tack room size. That should be driven by what you want to store in it.

    I don't recommend feed and tack in the same room. Feed draws bugs and vermin and varmints. Don't need that around tack that has a nice, salty taste to it.

    Make your window smaller and put in two (or more) of them, none big enough for a person to pass through easily. It's not a perfect solution, but will help.

    Good luck in your project.

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    Weighing in here, my new tack took is lockable and the tack locker also is lockable. It is big enough that I could have chosen to put two saddle racks inside it, instead of the shelves. I, however, do not have a big theft concern. My saddles are not expensive ones, we live in the middle of nowhere and I do not even know which keys lock the house. I suspect that if a thief bothered to come all the way out here, they would a) be disappointed that there is not much of value here, and /or b) be determined enough to overcome any locks I might have. My locked car was broken into once, I guess it took about a nanosecond for the thief to break my window and make off with a laptop and my only items of value (to me), my wedding rings. Would have been cheaper for me to leave the door it was I had to clean up and replace an electric window.

    I guess I figure if someone wants my stuff, well, bless their hearts!

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    Just a thought.
    Maybe put bars on the windows. I'm working on plans for a little backyard barn now and since there will be bars on the stall windows it won't look too out of place to continue with the theme of bars on windows. This would definitely make it harder for someone to break in!

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