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    Nov. 27, 2008

    Default Endurance ride - Rubbing

    My mare and I completed our first 50 mile endurance ride over a week ago and she did wonderfully. Only problem I had was rubs from seams on the back of my legs above bend in knee. I was riding in Kerrits Sit Tight Supreme breeches and I applied body glide when I got dressed the morning of the ride. Maybe I should have reapplied, not sure. Has anyone used Aquphor (sp?) Are there any full seat breeches/tights with less seams? Appreciate any suggestions? Thank you.

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    May. 5, 2011


    I do endurance rides in my TuffRider Ribbed knee patch breeches. I've never had rubbing issues with those and I've never used Body Glide or anything like that. The seams are on the outside of the leg and don't cause me any issues. I could NOT do an endurance ride in my Equine Coutures as much as I love them. The seam would rub the heck out of me.

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    Sep. 2, 2010
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    Congrats on your first ride, a very big accomplishment! If that is all the rubs you had, be grateful! But really, that isn't bad, I reapply body glide during the breaks, sometimes some baby oil too.

    I have never had any full seat tights, I imagine there may be some with seams in a different locations. But then that might cause another issue. I bet you'd have to look at different brands and see where the seams are on you. I ride in Kerrits performance tights, very few seams in that style (but not full seat either, though I don't find them slippery).
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    Oct. 4, 2010
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    I love my equicentials. No problem seams but you have to be careful where you ask for leather. The less the better. You can Los wear silk long underwear to rep the friction at bay.
    congrats on your finish!

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    Nov. 4, 2003
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    Try Saddlebums tights. These folks know the needs of endurance riders and design it into their tights. EXTREMELY tough & hard-wearing too.
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    Nov. 8, 2008


    Congratulations on finishing your first 50! You're on your way and I bet you're hooked

    No matter what brand you choose, for any rides over 30 miles, go with the thinnest tights that have the thinnest knee patches (if any at all.) I have all kinds of Kerrits but only their Performance tights will work for a competition (at least for me.) I can't wear any of their thicker pants (except on training rides) because I get a rub exactly in the spot you describe so I just put up with being cold in the morning. I don't need any body glide or oils, etc., when wearing thin tights.

    You should also check where exactly your half chaps hit and if they possibly cause extra wrinkles that push into your skin.

    If you are wearing full seat breeches because you're sliding in the saddle, the best solution is to get a sheep skin cover. Those really work, especially in the summer when they absorb any moisture. Wool regulates body temperature very well so you stay toasty in the winter but cool in the summer.

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    Aug. 26, 2008


    I wear running tights to ride and train Endurance. My favorite pairs are Saucony. My saddle has the Wintec Equi-Suede, that's enough grippy for me. I've finished LDs, and we are conditioning for 50s this year.

    I still spend a reasonable amount of training time jogging with my horse..while breeches might be fine for the time I am in the saddle, they are NO FUN to run in.
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    I am not an endurance rider, but I have done multiple day treks over hill and dale.

    I wear kerrits knee patch tights(essentially like running tights) under suede chaps. The chaps are good if you ever have to trail blaze/bush whack. When you want to run/walk, take them off & make the horse carry them. If it gets too hot, you can take off chaps, too. The tights are quick dry & breathable. You can also use them as pj pants or long johns under other pants if it is cold.

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    Sep. 29, 2009


    Congrats on your ride!

    My first ride was a 50.

    Try the Enduracools by Tropical Rider. I have used the ones with doeskin knee patch, and the extended patch. Like the knee patch best. I wear ariat terrain half chaps, but only due to rough terrain, like bushes and the such. I wear these tights plenty with no half chaps. The TR enduracools have the seam on the outside of the leg.

    I have the same kerrits you do. When I first got them (last nov) I rode in cool weather with them and I thought right away, if I rode a 25 or 50 (in heat or not) these would not be so friendly as the TR's. I thought even with half chaps they would still rub. I have had horrible rubs from tights and jeans, but never from the TR's enduracools. Been riding in these since 2002. Works in our horrible heat and humidity of the SE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by candysgirl View Post
    I do endurance rides in my TuffRider Ribbed knee patch breeches. I've never had rubbing issues with those and I've never used Body Glide or anything like that. The seams are on the outside of the leg and don't cause me any issues.
    I ride in my TuffRider Ribbed Jods, but not sure they make the jods for adults anymore.

    Question for you: were you wearing half chaps? Could your breech material have been bunched up above or under them & caused the rubbing?

    Hope this helps!

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