So I may be getting a dog through my trainer due to basically being abandoned on her farm. Even DH likes the dog, Mr. I-hate-dogs-am-only-a-cat-person (supposedly). I like the little dog, she's fairly well mannered, knows come, sit, when I'm done giving her attention she goes away (aka not annoying) and stays on the farm without a leash or fence. The dog is supposedly good with cats (trainer has some indoor/outdoor cats and numerous barn cats that the dog leaves alone, plus chickens). She's had some accidents in the house, but think (hoping/praying) it's more of the fact the dog has no routine.

So we will be moving into a new house in Feb and wouldn't try to take in said dog before the move. I'm debating waiting for the cats to settle in a little bit before attempting adding to the pet household or just throw in everything together. Basically, stress them 2x in a short period of time or all at once.

3 cats have never really lived with a dog (I tried with my family dog, didn't work out and she went to live with my brother). One had a bad run in with a retriever that ended up with a broken leg requiring pins/screws/surgery, she'll hide under the bed when stressed (lots of guests, loud noises). Our male is VERY anxious, stresses very easily and starts spraying whenever upset. Although when a neighbor unexpectedly brought his dog over in the yard, the cat was quick to put the dog in his place with a few good swats on the nose! The other is kind of indifferent, but would prefer nothing to do with dogs.

I plan to be armed with lots of Feli-way during the moving process to help keep the peace/minimize stress. There are lots of rooms in the new house so I can separate the animals easily. Building or buying cat trees is also in the works, not dependent on new dog. Dog is also used to spending lots of time outdoors with a doghouse. Cats are indoor/outdoor but will most likely be staying in for a few weeks to acclimate to the new digs (plus the weather is not great, so it won't be too big of an issue to enforce).

New dog will need a new name, can't have Roxi-cat and a Roxi-dog (the cats all know their names)... might have to go with Foxy or Moxie as she comes when called as well! She's pretty dang cute, a mutt most definitely, but we're pretty certain she's mostly Beagle. Dog catcher friend thinks BeaglexPomeranian, which I can see (I have no pictures...yet).