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    Sep. 24, 2010
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    Default Blanket rubs on hips, WTD?

    I've never seen a blanket rub on a hip before, granted my last horse was a chunk of a TB and easy to fit blanket wise. New guy is like a supermodel in comparison, very tall, lanky and narrower in every way. His hips are pretty prominent, even though he's in good weight. Working on building more muscle since he came OT with about 0% muscle mass.

    I've got a few blanket brands that fit him fine in the shoulders and withers (got a nice sharkfin on him too!), sheet is an Amigo Bravo, med weight a Weatherbeeta Orican, fleece liner by Weatherbeeta (not the greatest fit as it does slip back on his withers, usually only use this as a cooler after a workout). I bought a heavy weight T/O that does NOT fit off of CL for $25, it looks like a Schneiders, but I cannot find a tag. I'm not talking big, honking rubs, but the frizzies at this point, both the sheet and med weight seem to fit him the same. If anything they seem a little big in the shoulder, but stay in place on his back (and he IS a roller!).

    I think part of the issue is his hair is very fragile as I noticed some breakage/frizz on his back from where the cantle sits. Saddle fits fine per saddle fitter. I started riding with a sheepskin pad under a baby pad, seems to help some. Started him on 1c whole flaxseed, but he hasn't started shedding so it'll be some time before I expect to see a difference in his coat quality.

    But in the meantime I need to alleviate the rubs. Neither the Amigo or Orican have darts or gussets, but I would think those would cause more issues... I would like to have a heavy weight on hand for the really frigid temps we get once in a great while (like this week!) and will be scouting the tack sales for a replacement for next year.

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    My girl is having the same problem. Frizzies on her hips, rubs on her shoulders. She's in a mediumweight Weatherbeeta Taka that appears to fit her just fine, and a Rhino sheet over top. I've finally resorted to just layering a baker under the Rhino sheet. I think I may spring for one of those spandexy blanket liners. Poor girl, between that and the scratches she looks rather un-loved at the moment!
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    Yeah, let me know if you figure this one out. No matter WHAT I do, how I pad the blanket, how I arrange it, the bra I use (slinky over shoulders) this time of year she gets bald spots, all over. She gets bald spots where the blanket rubs, and other spots. I have tried everything under the sun, and I'm sort of resolved to have a mare that looks like a moth eaten rug this time of year. Then the hair grows in gloriously and beautifully.

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    Jul. 10, 2003
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    This is a weird issue. I have a very round QH and every piece of clothing I ever put on him rubs the top of his hips/loins. It makes no sense to me.
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    I slowly switched all of mine to Amigo/Rambo and (knock on wood!!) no frizzies or rubbing this winter. I love the Amigo blanket liners - you can buy different weights for a reasonable price (~$70). This prevents having to layer multiple blankets which IMO tends to increase the risk for rubs.

    If a new blanket is not in the budget currently, I would 'slick' the frizzie spots with product to reduce friction. Something like cowboy magic tail detangler, rub it in your hands and then rub over frizzies to help the blanket glide without catching the hairs. Temporary bandaid solution but it works.

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    I have accepted rubs as a part of life in winter (well, really, they are a part of life with my horse, year round, as EVERYTHING rubs him). If the blanket fits the horse appropriately, yet they still have rubs, there's not a ton more you can do.

    Is the horse clipped? I find that unclipped horses look worse and rub more than slick, clipped ones.

    Do be sure to keep him well groomed. A shiny, soft coat will lay flatter and be rubbed/broken less. Sometimes I have success with less rubs by giving them a spritz of a baby oil and water mix before putting their rugs back on.

    You can try various slinkies, but I find they have their own host of issues from stretching and pulling and causing pressure points.

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    Try a Bossy Bib

    They are a totally different material, construction and fit than a slinkie or sleezy and because they allow the blanket to glide as the horse moves, they also can alleviate the rubs and broken hair that occurs in the hip region, because the blanket is not sitting as dead weight on the horse and not moving at all

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