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    Jan. 21, 2013

    Default Boarding barns, va

    I wonder if any of you would be able to help me. I am relocating with my family from England to the us. We will be leaving in McLean or great falls so looking for a boarding barn in the area. Ideally within 20miles so was thinking McLean, great falls, Vienna etc. Can anyone recommend any. We are moving over about may time and will be bringing out gelding. We will also be looking to buy another shortly after we have arrived. We would like some rings to ride in and some trails. Turnout is also important.

    Thanks, Laura

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    Jun. 20, 2008


    there is not much in the Vienna or Mclean area - pretty well developed so you'd have to go further out but there are plenty of places to choose most are going to be out towards Chantilly, Middleburg or Leesburg/Lucketts area. Many will depend on what you want to do in terms of showing, training. Believe it or not but depending on where you live in McLean, actually some barns in MD might be easier to get to as well.

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    Jan. 3, 2013


    There are lots of barns in Leesburg Aldie area. There isn't much close to McLean. I've looked at a number of barns and moved from a number of them until I found the perfect one. If you have questions about a specific barn I can try to help you out.

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    May. 6, 2003


    You'll almost certainly have to drive a bit, but 20 miles should be doable.

    I lived in Vienna and kept my horse in The Plains, which is about 30 miles from my house. Down I-66 it wasn't too bad to get there after work -- maybe 30-40 minutes depending on traffic. I also had my horse in Aldie for a while. Even though it was closer, it often took close to an hour in rush hour traffic.

    What's your price range? Discipline? Do you want stalls or field board? Do you need an indoor? Trails?
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    Jul. 13, 2012


    If you live in McLean and compete in the hunters there are many options.

    Stoneridge farm is in Great Falls, VA - they have trainers for local and rated shows.
    Cedar Creek Farm is in Sterling, VA - Jenny Graham trains children/adults for rated shows.
    Meadowbrook in Chevy Chase, MD (I think)...Both these locations are easily accessible from McLean - just take leesburg pike.

    Farther out there are many options;
    Woodhall Farm (Leesburg, VA)l - Peter Foley
    Tartan Farms - Ed Lane(Leesburg, VA - I think)
    Hillcrest Farm (Bealton, VA) with Pam Baker
    Cavallo Farm (Leesburg) - Michael Bertozzi
    Kim Prince
    I think there is a north face farm?
    Stonegate Stables with Kristin Campbell... The list goes on!

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    Dec. 12, 2007


    All of the places suggested thus far are more of "training barns" rather than boarding barns, so you will be expected to work with the trainer at the farm/take lessons etc and expect to spend into the 4 figures each month. If you're looking for an old fashioned boarding barn where everyone just does their own thing, I suggest checking

    Keep in mind that the places you asked about are the closest places into DC proper that have horses, so boarding is at a premium around there. The further from the city you go, the more reasonable the prices become. Here's one for example that I just pulled up on the website that is in Leesburg. That same type of care in great falls would be almost double if not double.

    Good luck and welcome to the area!

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    Mar. 30, 2013


    I would stay away from cedar creek farm. the trainer there isn't very nice & has ruined horses.
    Cavallo farm--Mike bertozzi is a great trainer but the board is $890 a month & farm itself isn't worth it.
    Stonegate stables in aldie is super nice but super expensive.
    stoneridge in great falls is also very expensive.

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    Mar. 30, 2013


    I also have to add there are "training" barns where you won't be forced into lessons or being trained or showing.
    Miran farm in aldie is great! and a great price.
    M&M farm in aldie is also a great place.

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    Nov. 29, 2010


    I live in Vienna/McLean and I keep my horse all the way out in Culpeper with Jeff Woodall (which is absolutely worth the hour and a half drive). However, for barns that are closer, I second Jenny Graham in Sterling. They mostly do rated shows, but they also do some locals throughout the year.

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    Mar. 30, 2013


    I don't have a grudge. I am speaking from my experiences there & dealing with jenny. as well as talking to other people.

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    Apr. 12, 2008


    I am at a barn in Leesburg, off Evergreen Mills Road -- I move there from Great Falls.....only 30 mins. down Rt. can send me a message, if you wish more info. thanks.

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    May. 8, 2006
    Aldie, VA


    I know Tracy Brennan who trains at Meadowbrook and she is both very nice and very good. (Chevy Chase, MD, no indoor, no turnout)

    Peter Foley also has a very good reputation and his students do very well at the shows. (Aldie, no indoor, good turnout)

    I don't know anything about Ed Lane's training, but I like him a lot and his customers do well at the shows. (I think Leesburg, indoor)

    Pam Baker is an extremely successful trainer and is always very nice to me even though I don't know her personally. (beautiful facility)

    Michael Bertozzi I find to always be very, very nice and always helpful. (Leesburg, indoor)

    North Face Farm used to run their business out of our facility but she just disappeared maybe 2 yrs ago, with a big bill and abandoning a customer's horse.

    Kristin Campbell has been training from our farm for about a year and a half and she is very nice and her customers all seem to like her very much. Boarding at StoneGate is currently $925/standard board & $1200/full care (grooming board) so we are priced a bit on the higher side but our facility is very nice & the care is very good. (Aldie, large indoor, Eurociser)

    Jeff Woodall used to train for us and I found him to be an exceptional trainer. It's hard not to learn a lot from him, and his customers seem to really like him. (Culpeper, no indoor)

    The only other one I can think of to add to that list is Jonelle Mullen Stern at Tudane Farm. She is also very nice and an exceptional trainer with lots of success at the shows. A lot of her customers have been with her for 10-15 yrs which speaks volumes in this business. Her farm is in Warrenton, VA (no indoor) but she also trains at our farm, StoneGate, also (Aldie, indoor).

    Oh, and there's also Ginny Edwards who I've heard is a very good trainer and has turned out some very successful riders. I can't remember the name of her facility. (Upperville, indoor)

    Best of luck to you and welcome to VA!

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    Feb. 26, 2013


    There are boarding places in that area but you will pay a high price tag for them and the turnout and rideout might not be that great. I believe that Rokeby is in that area as well.
    Virginia equestrian is a good place to look--in fact, I happen to have a stall available at my place

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    Apr. 6, 2006
    Northern Virginia


    This is the only place I can personally recommend in Great Falls (And I've lived here long enough to have seen every horse property in town!):

    She has a lit ring, turnout and trail access but often has a waiting list.

    Also, I don't know them but have heard nice things about the people who run this:

    In this area you pay the price for convenience but often sacrifice things like trails and turnout since land is at such a premium. Feel free to PT me if you have any questions.

    I actually live in GF but drive almost an hour to where I my horse lives - board here is way out of my price range!

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