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    Quote Originally Posted by Amwrider View Post
    I have dealt with AC4H before and never had a problem.

    I am sure there is the potential for problems and/or dislike of what she does, but the way I see it she is able to help more horses by marketing this way. If she bailed and pulled horses directly, the cost would limit how many she could help. by marketing the horses on the kill lot without personally bailing them out, she can get a lot more exposed to potential adopters.
    I have no problem with Christy or the brokers. My problems are with the people who send their horses to auction, and the breeders who keep breeding too many horses.

    A few cothers split off from Christy and have been waging a campaign against her and some of the people who supported her. They even accused some people, including some cothers who supposed Christy, of killing a woman in the midwest, who was mad because she was raided by the local animal control for hoarding. Oh yes, the woman was "resurrected," as she had been in California for a few months visiting her brother. She wasn't dead at all. Apparently all this played out on FB, as a cother copied it and sent me the link.

    I don't understand how people blindly supported another "rescue" for years on coth without questioning it (and yes it was a scam and I outted them and caught hell for it) while they blame Christy for working with the brokers. It's not the brokers who send horses to the auction. As fugly said, they are just cleaning up the mess left by owners and breeders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cloudyandcallie View Post
    Oh yes, the woman was "resurrected," as she had been in California for a few months visiting her brother. She wasn't dead at all.
    I could be wrong, C&C, but my understanding is that is the same person who wrote the rip off report.

    So, the person who said both sides are crazier than giving Ann Frank a drum kit have hit a home run, I think.
    "Aye God, Woodrow..."

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    I've worked with AC4H in the past and took on one of their rehab horses because I had access to better vets to treat him. Christy and her husband were wonderful to work with and if they were as evil as people make them out to be, they would have shipped this HUGE 19hh Belgian to slaughter for a quick buck, but they didn't. They worked on getting reduced cost shipping up here to NY and followed up to see how things were going. My experience with them was very favorable.

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    Me too, Snowflake. I adopted a gelding from them 2 years ago and we love him to pieces.

    That person who wrote all those rip-off reports and tried to get the Appy who looked like Hayseed? She's NUTS. And AC4H had nothing to do with the Hayseed mess.

    And when you get a horse from a broker, yes, they may have problems. That's just the way it goes with rescue. Mares may turn up pregnant, too; why would that be considered suspicious? I've heard of lots of cases where someone rescued a mare and got a little surprise a few months later.

    I'm sure AC4H isn't perfect, but there's no reason to bash them for no reason, either. Just my 2 cents.

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    "FBI Raids Another Chance 4 Horses in Berks County" (PA)

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    I think the system works when someone sees a horse on the broker page that appeals to them and they go ahead and purchase it directly.

    Where things get messy is when people are talked into donating funds so that some other person winds up with the horse. That's where things have gotten confused in the past and sometimes the horse is the one that suffers.

    Years ago I chipped in for a couple of their horses for other "rescues" that were virtually taking any horse they could get. One of the rescues was legitimate but a 1000 or so mile transport was involved. The other "rescue" that took a lot of the horses was a strange one where the owner wound up dying and it was later discovered she had an entirely new identity, a wacky husband, prior history of abuse under another name, etc., etc.

    Somewhere along the line I learned my lesson.

    However, if you wanted to buy a horse for yourself and had the cash and could accept the consequences if the horse was not exactly as advertised, then the broker system could work.

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