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    Oct. 22, 2003

    Default Ruptured kitty ACL- any stories?

    We picked our kitties up from boarding Sunday night, get them home and somehow between getting in the door and the next 30 minutes Twilight (14lbs of kitty) ruptured her left ACL.

    It's a full rupture and pretty gnarly when manipulated. We actually had noticed she was gimpy on that back leg a few weeks ago and attributed it to her luxating patella as she worked out of it once moving- now we think she actually had a partial tear and in her flailing managed to finish it off.

    We have a surgical consult with a specalist tomorrow. I've had a couple of knee surgeries myself but a torn ACL on a kitty is a new one for husband and I.

    Any advice? Our bed is about 3' off the ground. We've built her some stairs out of boxes which she does use (although she insists on jumping onto counters) She insists on being up and about once her pain killers kick in. She's grossly fat (2.5lbs lost with 4 to go) and I'm worried we'll get the repair done and she'll just rupture it during recoup. Keeping her confined to a small space for any extended period is a no-go- she'll just start flailing and peeing everywhere. (sigh)
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    Yup, in a 16 yo cat. Surgery with a pin and a cast for 6 or 8 weeks.
    Put her in a cage for three days, but it was too small and I couldn't stand her sitting in pee ( she couldn't crawl, it was her back leg). Then bought an xpen, and put cage and litter pan outside the cage. I raised the cage off the floor so litter pan was at the same level. The litter box was outside the cage, to get out she had to go through it.
    She learned within one session how to be tied to a six foot string ( this was in the house). I took her out the second week and she would lie on her side on the grass and I moved her around. Towards the end of the second month I tied her to the door of the patio on a twenty ft string and she'd hop inside or out to lie in the sun.
    She healed well, but towards the end of her life that became her weak leg(3 yrs later).

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    Oct. 28, 2007


    I'd add that so far as I've seen cats adapt remarkable well to things, like cages and restrictions, when they have a physical impairment, they seem to know.
    So your cat may not put up with cages now, but if sick may prove more cooperative. Just a guess.

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    May. 20, 2008


    No story, but I'm sorry to hear and many jingles for a wonderful, full recovery!

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    No experience, but sending jingles!
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    Mine wore a cast for what seemed like forever but was about 4-6 weeks. She got it off early because it rubbed the inside of her hind leg raw. The tech says you can put powder on it. Well I can PUT it on but she'll just LICK it off! And talc is supposed to be bad for cats! (I just ignored her though!) Anyway she isn't very adventurous and she's been fine since.
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