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    Question Tekna Pressure-eze girth, worth it?

    Hey all, waiting for my tekna pressure-eze girth to come in the mail. I decided to get it after my saddle fitter recommended a more anatomic girth for my little hungarian warmblood. What are your experiences with the girth? Was it a good investment to help prevent saddle slipping forward on the shoulders? Or should i suck it up and purchase a more expensive anatomic girth?

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    I have a Tekna Contour dressage girth that I got for Boscoe when I was having fits figuring out why he was so fussy and cranky about saddle fit. That problem seems to have been solved with the proper saddle, but the girth did seem to "bug" him less than others. It is rather stiff material, which normally I hate, but both Boscoe and Keebler really seemed to like the girth, so I've kept it.

    FWIW, my problem was not with the saddle sliding forward so much as not staying stable side to side--a very wide gullet seemed to be what was needed.

    Quality-wise the girth is nice, and it's very easy to clean, if that's helpful. In the warmer weather it is not too stiff but sub-20 degrees it does get much stiffer and clunkier to handle. Once it's on a warm horse tummy it softens again, though.
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    I love mine, and it has really helped keep Pepper's saddle from sliding forward. It isn't a 100 percent of the time fix, but it works most of the time. The girth is easy to clean and appears comfortable for him. It is stiffer in the cold, but I just put it on on loose and girth it up after it's warmed up a bit.

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