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    Jan. 18, 2013

    Default Stirrup help!

    I am looking for new stirrups. I have normal jointed ones now. I am looking for a black pair of stirrups, they don't have to be jointed. I show a circuit jumpers. What do you guys reccomend? What brands? They have to be black. Thanks!

    Also, have any of you heard why jointed stirrups are bad for your ankles? Thanks!

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    Haven't heard that.

    I have carbon fiber stirrups with the cheese grater pads; they aren't the Amerigos but looks just like them. They were a present. FWIW, I did a quick Google image search to see if I could find the brand that way, and I did see some jointed or flexible carbon fiber ones.
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    Oct. 22, 2009


    I LOVE my herm sprenger bow balance stirrups. They are very stable, positioned just right, and are the only stirrups that allow me to ride long periods of time (ie hunter paces) with short stirrups without killing my ankles. Others say they are great for bad knees.

    I also have royal ride stirrups. These are very nice as well, as long as you don't loose your stirrup. If you lose your stirrups, they are so light weight they bounce around and make it really hard to get your stirrup back

    I also have the most basic MDC stirrups, which are a close second to the herm sprenger bow balance stirrups. Those don't come in black, but the flexible ones do. I find that they provide a very stable base, are easy to pick up if you drop your stirrups, and help me keep my toes at a 45 degree angle. They are a lot easier on my ankles than regular stirrups, but not as good as the HS stirrups.

    As for why you don't want flexible stirrups: You want to be able to push your weight into your feet so you can have a solid base of support. If the stirrup gives every time you push your weight down, your heel shoots down and your leg shoots forward, taking away your support. If your goal is to look 'pretty' and have heels down, that's fine. If your goal is to ride effectively and have a stable leg, the flexible stirrups make your job much harder.

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    Aug. 13, 2008


    I have a black pair of Royal Rider flexible stirrups. I only use them when my bad knee is acting up, but they are very comfy to ride in. I love the wide footbed and the amount of flex is just right. I find it pretty hard to lose a stirrup while riding, especially with cheese grater pads in. That said, they're pretty expensive and I don't see the point in having them unless you have "bad joints".

    Any reason in particular you want black stirrups over plain metal Fillis ones?

    ETA: I disagree with those who say you can't have a solid base of support with flexible stirrups. I don't find a difference swapping back and forth between my RR's and Fillis stirrups, aside from a little bit more give in the RR's. My leg is just as stable and quiet jumping 2ft all the way to 3'6+ in either pair of stirrups. That said, if you don't have a solid leg to begin with, I could see where flexible stirrups might make things a bit harder.

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    Jan. 18, 2013


    i'd suggest trying a variety of stirrups if you can. i've never tested out the mdc stirrups, but between royal rider and herm sprenger, i'd go with herm sprenger.

    i had a pair of royal rider flex stirrups i ended up returning because they drove me nuts, especially for the price. i didn't feel i had as solid a base and kept fidgeting with my stirrup leathers to try to get the feel i wanted. they were alright to flat in, but once i was jumping, i'd lose them a few times.

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    They are Carbon fibre which is VERY light. If you loose a stirrup it is hard to find since there is no weight to make them hang down in the right place. But thats the only draw back I can find. New for 2013 the black ones are illegal in equitation as per USEF.
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    Dec. 21, 2008
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    I got the jointed type ones in 2005 when I sprained my ankle and ended up with a bone bruise in the joint. I liked them because I didn't have to put as much force into it to flex my ankle and they had more shock absorption.

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    May. 5, 2011

    Default I have these and LOVE them. I foxhunt in them over crazy terrain. I've never had an issue with losing them period, let alone having difficulty getting them back. I think they're easy to get back on the rare occasion I do lose one.

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    Nov. 10, 2011


    I have a pair of black royal riders which i adore!

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    Jun. 20, 2012
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    I personally would suggest that you get silver stirrups, simply because if you ever add into an eq class, they're illegal now.

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    I have the MDC flex ones and they have been very comfortable. I got them because with foxhunting I was getting rubbed sometimes with the leathers and being able to twist them relieved that.
    Why black?

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