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    Mar. 12, 2009

    Default Power Pack question

    Hi there. I have read through all the (well maybe not all....) the posts on power packs but still wanted to get some advice. Brought home a new babysitter pony and all signs point to powerpak. Dull coat, bloated belly, no prior deworming history. He is overall healthy - no respiratory issues, bright clear eyes, negative coggins, etc.

    The question- wait for vet to do fecal (scheduled for 10 days from now), or just go ahead and do a powerpak? From a lot of the posts it looks as though people use the pp as part of their regular protocol and the fecal wouldn't show encysted strongyles anyway.

    I have off the next two days and can have a lighter work week to be home, keep an eye on him so very tempting to just get started. Will be on solo turnout until he gets an all clear and would love to shorten that if possible.

    Thoughts are appreciated.


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    I'm not a vet, and I think that ultimately you should ask your vet this question.

    But, I'd be careful about using a PowerPack as the first de-wormer used on a horse that a) looks wormy and b) has no known history of being de-wormed before.

    PowerPacks cause a massive die-off of worms, and if the horse has a large parasite-load, that die-off, by itself, can cause huge problems.

    I would think, and again this is something you'd want to check with your vet (particularly since this is a pony because ponies can be over-sensitive to ivermectin and moxidectin), that you'd want to use ivermectin first, and then perhaps 6 to 8 weeks later use either the PowerPack or Quest (but again check with your vet).

    Good luck.
    "The formula 'Two and two make five' is not without its attractions." --Dostoevsky

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    Mar. 12, 2009


    Thanks for the reply. I had planned on waiting for the vet, but was second guessing myself when I saw so many posts about using powerpaks as part of regular protocol. Thinking that with no known history, vets advice will be best.

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