First time wearing a surcingle, to boot. She was a rock star.

Thought I'd need to spend some time just getting her used to the lines draping around her flanks, but no concern at all.
Started out just asking her to walk around with me behind her withers, than back at her hip. Took a little longer to make the transition to me being fully behind her, she kept scooting her HQ under the lines and turning around to face me. She was being so sweet though--just really really trying to figure things out, like what the hell are you doing back there?
I decided to use fencelines to give her one "fixed" side and just focus on staying within the "inside" line. Worked like a charm-- did 2 passes along the fenceline in each direction and she totally straightened out. In just a 30min session, Scarlett was walking and trotting up and down the driveway with me 6ft behind her, reversing direction, staying within the lines. Not perfect by any stretch, but calm and constantly thinking. Very proud of that little foster pony.