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    You go girl! He looks fantastic, great job! Especially with a warhorse like him, going to the left is all that his body knows, things take time to rebalance! Keep it up!!!

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    He's put on good weight and muscle. I think I'll always want him fatter, but it looks like he's one of those horses who is always a bit lean. He is such a good good boy. It's hard to believe he's as green as he is because he always tries so hard.

    Our first show (dressage)
    First show jumping
    Another first show jump
    He has a neck!
    Friend riding (Early May)
    Another friend riding about a month ago
    Me riding recently
    Whole body
    Show in May
    I look bad but he's adorable.

    He does tend to stop at a new sort of fence... plain poles, fine. Striped poles, what?? Same with flowers, boxes, etc. Usually once he has a chance to look at it and figure out what we're doing, he'll go over fine. We took a lesson with an event trainer and she gave us a lot of walk-trot stuff to work on, so jumping will be on the backburner for a while.

    I'm not sure how he'll do at eventing, given his stopping at new fences, but that's okay. I don't have lofty goals, and he's so good and fun to ride that competing isn't a big deal.
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