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    Default 11 Horses Impounded in GA

    Just saw a preview clip of 6 PM no link yet...but farm name is Heritage Farms on Butner Road. I think GDA took them, and since I worked for GDA temporarily when they impounded @ 100 horses a few years ago, thinking I could volunteer now. GDA obviously closed for weekend, but anyone local with info, pls hook me up to help this weekend and beyond! Tks! Court
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    I saw something about it as well. Here's is what Google turned up and it gives a few photos as well. Doesn't sound like a healthy situation. The horses shown aren't the worst I've seen, but they are thin.

    News Clip
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    Pictures don't always show the REAL situation. That horse in photo is hairy and therefore may not appear that thin...but you can clearly see ribs and no top line. I'm sure it is SKINNY!! But give it 10 weeks of good care and it'll be a different horse.

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