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    Oct. 19, 2012

    Default What's on your barn improvements wish list?

    A previous thread got me thinking about my personal wish list for barn improvements.
    Since I've been here for nearly 2 years I've been able to get a lot done, mostly practical things (feed areas, misters, winter lights on timers, footing, fencing...)
    This year most of what I have planned is cosmetic: repaint fences and barns, some landscaping and hanging flower baskets on barns, tack armoire, also a microwave, stall fans, washing machine. I would love to replace the cross ties in the wash area with a rash rack, add a hose boom, water heater and a potty but that not gunna happen. I can't complain though, nothing fancy but it's private and well setup.

    What improvements are you all planning this year? What have you done in the past? What makes the running of your barn easier/ more convenient in general?
    I like a pretty barn/farm, how do you dress up your place?

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    Aug. 12, 2002
    Zone 6


    Wish list:
    Fans on a thermostat.
    Asphalt paths to each pasture.

    To do list this summer:
    Replace all fencing.
    Build two run-ins.

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    Apr. 2, 2011


    IR heat in the arena
    Add 64' to arena to make it 184' long
    Additional storage for big squares

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    Apr. 27, 2009


    At this time of year: adequate and easy blanket storage. The racks on their stalls fill up pretty quickly and make it tough to get them on/off the rack and keep them neatly folded. Another blanket rack per horse, no matter where it was, would do wonders.

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    Oct. 21, 2009
    South Central: Zone 7


    Now that we own two farms our "to do" list is Looooong and expensive (meaning it will take a long time to complete on our budget!).

    Schooling barn/farm #1:
    We are currently replacing all the exterior dutch doors. We have two left to replace.

    Add more lighting to the grooming stalls for our farrier.

    Bring in more dirt to level some of the stalls.

    Training facility/farm #2:
    Put in an indoor. I could list a multitude of other items but this is the big one that will be taking priority other than maybe adding a loafing shed to one of the pastures.

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    Jun. 7, 2006


    Well, I would be just delighted if suddenly a heated washstall appeared on the aisle, but at the extremely reasonable board rate the BO charges us, I think I'll be waiting a long time. lol

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    Nov. 4, 2003
    Douglasville, Georgia


    Completely enclose the tack room
    Reroof run-in overhang
    Enlarge back paddock/dry lot
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    Jan. 18, 2010


    Finish the footing for the all weather turnout/riding paddock. That tops my list!

    Also re-stain the barn, it is starting to look "naked" and grow moss, oops.

    As far as things I'd like but won't see in the near future, I'd love an actual arena to ride in instead of a paddock. And more pasture space, bonus points for being closer than 1/4- 1/3 mile from the barn!

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    Nov. 17, 2006


    Oh, where do I start?

    Finish wash stall (we have the walls up, painted, needs concrete and the water line finished.

    Lights (we have a few temporary lights up with a long extension cord.

    Finish the tack room.

    Finish the feed room.

    Pave the aisle.

    Put the lights up in the arena.

    I'm sure I can go on for quite a while. We started our barn several years ago, but projects are time consuming and expensive. But we finished 5 of 8 stalls, so we were okay just using it as is. I would LOVE to get some of this stuff done, though.
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    Nov. 18, 2007


    My farm was very bare minimum when I moved in. My barn was at one time a 4 stall in line barn, at some point a previous owner turned it in to more of a loafing shed. I have made it into two large stalls, built dutch doors, and painted it. I need to replace all the wood the horses chewed off. I want to get electricity down there, that should go in in the next month or so. I also plan to get a short stone wall built and around the parameter and replace the roof. I think that will all be done by the end of the summer.
    I need cross ties built and DH needs to weld up a gate to finish off my arena.

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    Oct. 14, 2012


    We don't need a lot, but I'd love to do some new cross country jumps, repaint our jumper jumps and maybe get a few hunter jumps. Other than that, our barn pretty much has it all.

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    Jan. 29, 2013
    Greensboro, NC


    We have turned our property into a kingdom in the last two and a half years - built two 7-stall barns with tack rooms, wash pad, paved the main barn aisle, got about 5 acres cleared of woods and horrible thorny vines and junk, put in 8 sacrifice paddocks with built in round bale feeders, three long pastures, one large pasture, trails cut, a path all the way around the pastures to add length to the trails. Cut down lots of trees and removed lots of stumps, put gravel and rubber mats in paddocks.

    Stalls all have gravel underneath and rubber mats, lights in stalls, heated water buckets, blanket racks, lots of shavings. We built a long storage barn for square bales, shavings, and grain/misc stuff, built a barn for the round bale storage and a shed for the tractor, bought a tractor and lots of implements, a hay trailer, built a storage shed, renovated the house. Put in a grand 100x200 outdoor arena with lights and all-weather footing, put up a round pen, and built bleachers for viewing. Cleaned lots of mud and junk out of paddocks, bought lots of horses, moved earth around, put up LOTS of fences. ANd fixed a lot of fences where the horses kicked at each other and broke the fence boards. :/

    This year, we are putting as much money as we can towards paying off our property. After that, big goals are to put up an indoor arena, purchase adjoining land (hopefully our neighbors will be ready to sell!), and buy some awesome horses for the lesson program.

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