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    Default 2 yr old pony growth

    I should probably know this sort of thing, but I buy most of my ponies as 3 or 4 yr olds so am a little unsure in this situation. Going to look at a newly turned 2 yr old (March) that is a full Welsh (sec B) by an 11.3 stallion out of a 13.2 hand mare. He is apparently just over 12.2 right now. Not sure how much, but I assume probably 1/2 inch or so. I would need this pony to end up 13.2 or very, very close to it. I have a feeling it sounds like he will end up more in the 13.0 -13.1 range, which I want to avoid. Any opinions on how much a Welsh *should* grow?

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    He will probably end up 13.1 judging on 2 y/o's I have known of.

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    If the stallion is a Sec. A then I would guess that you will end up closer to 13hh or maybe 13.1 - If the stallion is a Sec. B, you might get a bit closer to 13.2hh. My 2 yr olds tend to grow apprx. 2 to 4 inches more until they turn 3 depending on the bloodlines - my purebreds are all Sec. Bs though
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    If I had to guess based on the information provided I would say most likely around 13h. A 11.3h is fairly small for a Section B, is the stallion a Section A? The resulting offspring would still technically be considered a Sec B, but it would be a lot easier to predict height to know the bloodlines. I would look to see what kind of height the sire and dam have behind them.
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    The stallion is a Section A. I looked up the mare and nothing appears to be over 13.3 in her family.

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    What else has the stallion produced in terms of height? Some stallions are prone to producing certain heights.
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