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    Quote Originally Posted by nuevaburro View Post
    Sorry Tom, forgot that farriers are gods and can fix all hoof defects ;P
    So you have NEVER seen a horse with solid healthy hooves pull or spring a shoe?

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    Of course. I was just suggesting that what worked for my horse (bell boots, good farriery, a supplement, and possibly hoof sealant) might help someone else. But as we established, this was about sprung shoes, not pulled shoes, so my experiences are all irrelevant anyway

    But don't you think healthy, strong hooves help keep shoes on and nails in place? This is an honest question. I just assumed that would be the case, but I guess I have zero evidence to back up that assumption.
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    The nails can work their way loose under shearing forces in very soft wet feet. That's what clips are for, take the torque strain (twisting) off the nails.

    OTOH, I've seen horses where the shoe was loose and clanking on the foot and but for the nail clinches they would fall off due to gravity when the horse picked up its foot.

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