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    Oct. 10, 2011

    Default Homesteader horse trailers? Anyone have one?

    I am looking at purchasing a trailer and keep going back to check out a Homesteader stallion 2 horse bumper pull trailer. The problem is I can't find any reviews on these trailers nor can I find anyone who owns one. If there is anyone who has one that doesn't mind sharing the pros and cons?

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    Mar. 16, 2009

    Default Same problem

    I am having the same problem. Were you able to find anything. I love this trailer.


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    I have a 2 horse slant load bumper pull homesteader stallion....we really like it and get a lot of comments on it....pretty good size dressing room, back tack, rumber floor, etc. I have it pretty customized with a lot of storage....I bought it new about 4 years ago and it's stored outside. Remember it is aluminum on a steel frame so there is some rust and it's a pretty heavy trailer compared to an all aluminum. But the aluminum siding, rumber floor, roof all have worn well. I don't think I've had any major problems except a tire that went bad this year but it could have been a road hazard that I hit.

    I like the fact that the trailer has a lot of features that other more expensive trailers either don't have or it makes them even more expensive. For example it has windows in the dressing room (3 counting door), drop windows in stalls plus bus windows on the other side plus windows in the back doors. I have it set up so I have room for 4 saddle racks -- plus a lot of storage -- two in the front two in back tack. The interior is completely lined wiht aluminum something you somtimes don't see in other trailers. The outside and interior lights are excellent including the loading lights and porch lights.

    My only complaints would be in some of the fit and finish when I picked it up. Some of the screws are pretty haphazardly put in-- I 've replaced a few. Also, the rubber back bumpers had no reinforcing in them so when the horse stepped in, he would sag the rubber. If they haven't changed that, you will want to go to a machine shop and have them put a piece of steel in there to support that or it will soon be torn off from the in and out.

    I'm confounded why I don't see more of these trailers either. I think mine is the only one I've seen at horse shows. I do get questions about it and even had people put cards on it asking if I would sell (someday maybe).

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    Sep. 16, 2008


    A friend is considering a Homesteader and asked if I could ask around on COTH, I found this thread and was wondering if anyone else has anything to add, good or bad? Turtle are you still enjoying yours? Thanks guys!
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    Dec. 2, 2011


    Would really like some more reviews on this trailer as I am HIGHLY considering purchasing one within a few weeks. Thanks!!
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    Feb. 23, 2005
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    FWIW I am very impressed with
    with the delux upgrade. Very open and airy and very well built
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    Aug. 15, 2009
    Knoxville, TN


    I looked at one before I bought my Merhow. They are made close to me, so a friend was able to hook me up with someone who works there, for the inside scoop. He said they are a decent line built trailer, but to expect fit and finish problems because quality control isn't the greatest. He had some concerns about the areas where the steel and aluminum come together, and he said something about the oil-covered metal not being cleaned adequately before painting. Hope that helps.

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