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    I forgot about Double H's and also should have mentioned Durango's. Durango's are cheap (like $75 a pair) but surprisingly comfortable and sturdy. I wore my pair for a couple years non-stop before my daughter took them over and she's worn them even longer. They aren't top of the line by any means but they have a good walking sole and are meant for daily wear as well as riding. There's also a boot called Adtec that is also very cheap but hold up much better than you think they would. I can't afford more than $150 for a pair of boots; I don't care how nice they are if the money is not in the budget then there are nice substitutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Candle View Post
    PLEASE tell me where you get custom Tony Lamas for $275?!?!?!?!?!?!
    My local western store.husband got me a $200 gift certificate and then paid the extra $75. i went in and totally customized my boot (traced my foot, picked the heel, the toe, the color, the height and so on). took exactly four months to get them and they are PERFECT! Adore Tony Lamas!

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    Just another suggestion...... get a roper, either square or round toe, if you plan on riding in them. If you want somewhat pointy, my daughter got a pair of Tony Lama's with a medium square toe (not exactly a snip toe but not a broad square toe either) for around $200. They are great for riding but still look good if she dresses them up a little. They either came from Cavenders or Drysdales.

    I just love boots! My next splurge will be Rio of Mercedes

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    Thanks everyone! Not gonna lie, they'd be more to wear with my boot cut work pants and jeans since I don't ride much anymore (my horse is retired, and I'm not able to do lessons or have another horse to ride at the moment) so I am ok if they are more for looks and less for function. Hence the pointy toes Thank you for giving me some options to look into!

    I have a pair of Ariat paddock boots that fit well - are the western boots similar in width? I do actually have a narrow foot, so they may work well for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shiningwizard255 View Post
    I have a pair of Ariat paddock boots that fit well - are the western boots similar in width? I do actually have a narrow foot, so they may work well for me.
    My feet are narrow too and I have found most of the Ariat western boots run wider than the english boots. I've never tried any of their pointy toe styles, though, so maybe those are narrower.
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    I hate my Justins!!!! I have the AQHA models with the leather sole, and wore out the sole in 5 months, have gone through 4 different pairs of insole trying to make them comfortable enough to walk around in, and have worn almost completely through the inside of the leg in both the ankle and calf area (and I've only had them about 9 months). They're great for riding in, but I have to change my boots when I clean stalls. They also have an extremely shallow depth top to sole in the toe area. Seriously, I could write a book on how much I hate my Justins and will never buy another pair,

    Ariats aren't bad if you baby them, but they don't have the longevity they used to. They just don't hold up to riding and working (even less so than my Justins). They are, however, much more comfortable.

    Anderson Bean makes some boots in that price range that look nice, are comfortable, and durable.

    Tony Lama is where its at! I adore my Tony Lamas, and don't think I could own too many pairs. I have worked all day shows in mine, running back and forth for hours, and still been comfortable, despite the fact that mine are buckaroo heels. They clean up much better and much faster than my Justins or Ariats, and look like new even though I've owned them longer/worn them more. They're also way more comfortable to ride in, they slip out of stirrups easily without losing traction.

    I have heard good things about Olathes, but I don't know what their price range is. My next pair of boots will hopefully be a flat heel 16" shaft buckaroo.

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    I got my first pair of Justin boots last June, I think they are Gypsies? They are the ostrich skin (fake) with pink tops and I love them. FWIW, I have a small wide foot with a higher instep. I remember we bought them right before going to the Sisters Rodeo in Oregon, and I refused to wear them and wore my Dublins instead, because I didn't want to look like a poseur. But now that I've been wearing them, I only wear tennis shoes for working out

    Now that I've been wearing them, my Dublins feel too flat in the foot and aren't my go-to barn boot anymore .

    I ride in them also, both with and without halfchaps. These are square toe boots, because I think the pointy toe look weird, but I'm just commenting on comfort, price and durability.
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    I had a pair of Justin Basics ages ago and HATED them. They were so uncomfortable and super slick.

    I have a pair of Ariat Pro Babies that I've been riding in for... six years? They've held up great and are super comfy. And for dress boots they're really comfortable. I'd wear mine to work if only they hadn't seen so much stall cleaning. :-)

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