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    Default Some camping supply that can be used as a soaking boot- bizarre, I know?! Help!

    Not long ago on a thread about soaking, someone mentioned some camping supply thing that could be used as a soaking boot. It looked not unlike this...

    Only it was a human product for storing water or something like that. Now I am thinking about it and can't recall what it was and its driving me NUTS. Thanks in advance!
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    Could it be one of those waterproof bags used for storing things while rafting?

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    I think they're called dry bags.

    And I'd never thought of using one before as a soaking boot but that's genius! It'd be much cheaper than buying an actual soaking boot--which is essentially the same only more $$ because it's specifically for horses.

    Quote Originally Posted by pony baloney View Post
    Could it be one of those waterproof bags used for storing things while rafting?
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    You can use a small Dry Bag. Usually in rafting or kayaking dpt. Get one of the thicker ones.
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    Dry bag OR, just ask your vet for used IV bags. They're free.
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