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    Default Fractured knee!

    Has anyone had experience with this?
    Long night at the equine clinic. My friend's horse fell on the ice and fractured his knee. Surgeon will assess damage today. So far it looks like let nature take it course and allow it to heal on its own.
    Prognosis is arthritis in a few years. Other choice is surgery where the joint will be fused. No arthritis but hard to imagine a horse with a fused knee enjoying pasture life.
    This horse is retired now, in his early 20s. Money is not the issue, just want to make the best choice for him.
    Any advice is welcome!

    Oh, and I hate winter

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    Can you post the films? Depending on which joint in the knee is involved and what the fracture looks like, carpal fusion can result in a horse that is pasture sound...

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    Aug. 14, 2008
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    Thanks for your input animal doc, I appreciate it.
    Not sure I can get the films, but did find out fusion is the only choice. I am going up to see him today during rounds. I will try to write down details. Pasture sound is all we want for him. Hard to imagine him with a fused joint but the docs assure us that he will adapt. Sounds like the rehab is a long and painful one? The only alternative is euthanizing and, well, that's just so permanent. My friend has the money and wants to give him the chance. Just like some encouragement on his quality of life. He is 22 but looks like a 10 year old. Retired about a year ago because of chronic coffin joint issues. He lives at a very nice show stable and will continue to get top turnout and care.

    Hell hath no fury like the chestnut thoroughbred mare

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