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    Nov. 10, 2011

    Default Grasses to plant in high traffic/ riding area.

    I know it's early to be talking grass, but I need to have a game plan in advance so I can be ready when the weather is right.

    My barn is in the process of going up, and there was a considerable amount of clearing work that had to be done to get to the spot where the barn is. So now I have bare land on about 1/4 an acre around the barn. What would be the most adventagous seeds to put down that will hold up well to hoof traffic (horses will be led to and from pasture every day) and light vehicular traffic (farrier/ vet/ hay). On the days that I'm pressed for time, it would also be nice to have solid enough footing that I could do a few laps around the barn. Also, what prework do I need to do to minimize the divots/ tire ruts?

    I'm in west Tennessee.

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    Nov. 1, 2007
    Watertown TN


    Have you thought about Bermuda? It is pretty resiliant. Of course some people want it no where near them but I do like how it spreads and is hard to kill. Will need to be well established though before traffic occurs. My parents farm has 1 to 2 inch gravel in all traffic areas and Bermuda planted in it. So it looks nice and grassy but doesn't rut or sink under pressure.
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    I have seen some suggestions to plant Crab Grass in such areas. They are green, TOUGH to traffic, and being low, may not require mowing as often.

    At least the ground is covered, has roots to hold the mud down, with a bit of the color of grass from a distance. We now have a good crop of Crab Grass in our sand arena, and consider it a benefit in holding down dust, giving some grazing for turnout in there. Comes back from heat and cold, did well in the drought on DEEP sand/gravel base. Takes the horses with shoes riding over it with no marks left behind, is a good footing for any speed you ride them, no hard packing for leg issues. This is all volunteer grass stuff, we didn't plant the ring. I mow it now and again, drag with the chain harrow, crab grass always looks nice from the road!

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    Sep. 29, 2009


    I vote bermuda.

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    Nov. 23, 2001
    Catharpin, Virginia

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