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    Feb. 1, 2012


    Do they taste the same as cow testicles? Anybody know?

    On a trip to Oklahoma, I had the chance to try some "calf fries" which are deep fried calf testicles...we picked them up at teh vet's office, who had stored them in a OBGYN glove (you know, the really long ones that go to your shoulder...) The glove was filled with what looked like mini brains, all frozen together.

    We took them home, thawed them out, peeled them, sliced them, breaded and fried them, and then ate them. They tasted similar to chicken, although the peeling part was the most disgusting...I swore I was not going to eat them after seeing the original state, but once they were cooked, I was okay to try. They weren't bad.
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    A few years back we had this amazing Vet, and he was scheduled to geld one of our youngsters on a Friday. Friday came, and it was a wet cold, not a good day to geld day, so Vet rescheduled for the following Sunday. The day we had a family bbq planned. All went well with the gelding, and Vet offered up the proceeds from the days take, to my guests. Much laughter ensued(mine and the Vets)but the guests had that stunned/confused/get me outta here look on their faces!! I'll never forget that day, priceless.

    editing to add, the cost to me was 60 dollars, on a Sunday, to geld and float teeth...oh how I miss Richard, a great DR, kind, good with the horses, and CHEAP!

    adding yet again: Back in the early 90's we drove cross country, coast to coast. We came back Stateside, and I'll never forget the day we pulled into a gas station in North Dakota, it was surreal. The pump was very slow, like a litre every minute, and all that time, the big sign advertising the annual "testicle festival" flashed in our faces. We locked the doors, put about 10 bucks in the tank, and got the heck out of there quick, fast and in a hurry.
    "My doctrine is this, that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt.”
    ― Anna Sewell

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    These stories are hysterical, so glad I posed the question

    Looks like the birds made quick work of their treat, they were gone when I shined the flashlight up there after work last night! I wonder who got them, an owl or some crows? And does one bode better? Seems like there would be some kind of superstition around that as well! LOL

    Baby boy is doing so great. The swelling is so minimal it's really quite surprising. He must be a little sore because he's been a bit bratty but he's been out playing like a fool on his own in the field so it can't be too bad!

    editing to add, the cost to me was 60 dollars, on a Sunday, to geld and float teeth...oh how I miss Richard, a great DR, kind, good with the horses, and CHEAP!
    JEALOUS! Between the gelding and my old man's dental work I'm betting we came close to a $1000 visit. This will be my bank account when the bill comes:

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