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    Hello all,

    The Chronicle is going to start a monthly feature with a former professional show groom. She'll be able to answer all your tough questions, from turn-out to braiding to bathing.

    Post any question you'd like answered below!

    Thanks! Molly Sorge

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    What a great service.

    My draft/x has a thin tail. There is nice growth at the top, working it's way down. Slowly. I would really like to try to continue and encourage growth.I do not brush it, pick it gently, I tried bagging it, he got it undone. Multiple times. Are there any products to use at the dock area? I have heard mineral oil, but, what would an expert suggest??


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    Perfect timing. I need a clear, step by step, written so that a five year old can understand, explanation on how to trim the top of the tail for dressage and eventing. Both pulling it and trimming with scissors. Pictures of each step of the trimming with scissors would be even better.

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    I'd like suggestions on how to get a horse used to having it's face/head washed and rinsed with a hose (as I see many grooms doing at shows). My horse is great about everything except her head - even with very low water pressure she hates it. And even with a sponge she can be difficult.

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    I have a reining horse that just came out of 2 years of training. His mane is really long and has been kept in a french braid while in training. He also wears a sleazy at all times when not ridden. He came home this December and I have been straight braiding him every week or every other week, time permitting. I have noticed that the top of his neck where the braids begin is really itchy and dry. It is very cold right now so conditioning it is not possible if it requires rinsing. I haven't been able to find a good leave in conditioner that I can use this time of year. Any suggestions?
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    English or Western tips?
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    Because I own a grey horse in red clay country, I'd like the article to include some recommendations on further reading, grooming-specific books, etc. Unless you've got space to cover grooming from head-to-toe in one article. I really do try but he doesn't look clean from about November through March.
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