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    Default Need help with new website (hosting via WordPress). Please share yours.

    I would really like to see some websites. I searched through a bunch of ULR websites yesterday and boy, well, they were, uh, yikes. Some were good. But some were done by horse people.
    And I will add, geez, I'm very understanding and feelin the pain. But I need to be able to do my own updates. So WordPress and self webbing it is!

    I worked with WordPress for about 15 hours and didn't get very far.

    I purchased a template that I like and the company sent me a bad file to download. Lovely. I had driven into Dallas for the weekend so that a techy friend could help me with the start up but I have to wait until tomorrow to bug the company about the corrupt downloading file. OMG
    In the mean time I started working on a free template. I had to do something..time was precious.

    So here is what I have so far. It's going to be kind of like this (simple, tidy, and clean):

    Of course I'll figure out how to get the Kaboom Eventing logo font up as a picture instead of just txt across the top. I didn't have any of those important files--because I'm blonde.

    Here is the template I purchased. I thought about just asking for a refund but I really do like it more. Now that I have an idea of navigation I can transfer the little bit of material I've done over to the newbie pretty quickly. I know--because I accidentally clicked the "return to default" button last night and erased everything I had done. I redid it all pretty fast.
    Probably going to use the same type of color scheme..

    I don't have photoshop. I was trying to use Gimp. But for someone not tech savvy--wow I wanted to pull my hair out.

    So please if you can, please share your site. I'm looking for schemes and layouts that appeal to me but really could use some good solid examples.
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    I started a website in January. I used I am also decidedly non tech so it has really been a learning curve for me! My website is primarily designed to be a resource center for those that own sporthorses and/or small horse farms.

    There are things I would like to change but I decided to try to get most of the information on there before changing hosts. I find one of the most challenging things is the amount of self promotion that you have to do. I feel sort of like a 'ho constantly saying "see my website" whenever someone posts a question that I have actually addressed there!

    I like what you have so far!

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    While I don't have a horse-centered website, I do maintain a personal blog on Wordpress. If you're interested in seeing my setup, feel free to click here.

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    While I am much more familiar with Wordpress and content management systems than you, even for a beginner there is nothing about that theme that would make me fork up $40 for it. You can accomplish close to the same thing with the free version of the Pagelines theme (just search it from your Wordpress backend) and some widgets.

    Photoshop is no easier than GIMP, really, as a user of both. What were you trying to do?

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    The free WP 2010 or 2012 theme should meet your needs. I build all my client sites with Wordpress and we all love it!
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    I used Intuit to build our state eventing org's website. I have graphic design training but had never built a site before.
    Very easy to use and update:

    Should also add that they have a ton of templates (I just made my own) and that it's FREE if you don't mind using the Intuit URL. We pay just $20 a month to have our own URL and five associated email addresses.

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    Weebly is awesome....especially if you are just figuring out web design.

    Here is my website;

    Here is a WP one I designed for our local schooling show;

    BTW Gimp is great, if you want to learn how to do anything in Gimp, just Google it. Like "How to make a banner in Gimp"...and you will find step by step tutorials.

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    May. 1, 2008


    I fully support anyone who wants to use WordPress, but mostly because I work with it for a living

    purplnurpl, I'm guessing you downloaded a zip file from the company? A lot of the purchased themes need unzipped as they are folders that contain extra source files as well as the theme (so basically, you download from the company, unzip that, and then inside it should contain another zip file - That one is the one you upload when you're logged into your site under Appearance -> Themes)

    Sorry, I tried to keep it simple, but feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
    “They were not sitting backwards on their horses,” he said with a sly smile. “But they had no dressage preparation..." - Bert de Nemethy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jealoushe View Post

    BTW Gimp is great, if you want to learn how to do anything in Gimp, just Google it. Like "How to make a banner in Gimp"...and you will find step by step tutorials.
    Photoshop is the same way. I recently got CS5, years before I used 6.0 (I think?) and then got learning curve. And while CS5 for Dummies was helpful, I couldn't find something specific, so I Googled it. There it was, on Youtube. Score.
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    Not horse related but I love Super inexpensive (free if you don't mind an add or two) and easy to use. Here is one that I constructed for an organization that I founded...

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