Well, when it rains, it pours. Not only are we having major colic issues with my horse, but it seems my dogs have caught the flu.

Loki the cattle dog puppy started by not eating and throwing up one meal as well as being droopy and yucky. Two days later, the coughing and green nose boogies started. One trip to the vet where we were treated like we had ebola, some bloodwork, and a diagnosis of canine influenza. We were instructed to give cough medication and wait it out. No antibiotics YET, as it was assumed that it still just viral.

Now Izzy the cattle dog/border collie mix has the bug, and she's much sicker. She goes to the vet Monday if she's not significantly better. She might just be more pathetic, I'm not sure. She isn't showing the nasal discharge (yet), but she is holding her low grade temp (around 103) longer than Loki did, and is just punky as heck. She's still hungry though, so that's good. I feel bad because she's coughing so much, and you can tell her stomach and back are getting pretty sore.

Casey the boxer had influenza as a puppy, and as yet does not show symptoms. Thank goodness, he's 8 and has the beginning stages of cardiomyopathy. He doesn't need to be affected by this darn bug.

This is the fun part of working in an animal shelter, on occasion you bring home bugs to the kids. Ok, fine, I've been there a year and this is the first bug I've brought home, but it's a doozy.