I have a 4 year old gray tabby cat that is just not happy as an indoor cat. He's been marking in my 2 year old son's nursery and despite trying multiple litter pans, checking him for UTI's, relocating the litter box, and a variety of other accomodations, I think he'd just be happier as a barn cat for someone. He's a great mouser and loves to be outside. He's very social, UTD on shots, neutered, and an otherwise great guy. I hate to make him an outdoor only cat at our house because he'd not have anywhere else to go to get out of the elements.

He was a feral that I rescued and I think just has no interest in a litter box despite clay, paper, clumping, nonclumping, or pellet type litter that we've tried. Hood or no hood doesn't seem to matter either.

I can share photos if anyone is interested. He's a great cat but with three kids, it's hard to keep him locked outside and seems unfair at our house.