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    Quote Originally Posted by Robin@DHH View Post
    I find rope is preferable over electric tape if you have open land and a fair amount of wind. The wind beats tape to
    death but just blows around the rope..
    A trick to tape learned from strapping flatbed loads. Twist the tape a couple of times between posts. The wind doesn't flap the tape and beat it apart.

    (the aerodynamics is twisted form alleviating the effects of vortex-shedding)

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    We've had good results with Parmak, both solar and line powered. Go with line power if you possibly can.

    Even if you're buying another brand, download and print out this manual:

    It has one of the best set of grounding instructions for soil with poor conductivity. Details start around page 4.
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    About the electricity source -
    If you just have an electric company pole that holds wires there, you need to have a service installed. Must be done by an electrician, inspected, approved - not cheap.

    If you already have service, and electrician can install an exterior receptacle for your charger. You still need a protected place in which to install it.

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