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    Quote Originally Posted by SPF10 View Post
    I'm using the 100 ft one, not that impressed, its a hose. I do like the fact it is lighter weight and easier to "wrestle" but found that if you don't hand drain the hose after use it does freeze. The first time I used it I just disconnected from the faucet and it went flat and I thought OK it drained, the next day it was frozen. I did knead the hose as best I could to try to break up any ice and after about 10 minutes it cleared itself. I have great water pressure but feel this hose lessens the flow, it could be that I am not used to the pressure of a longer hose but when I remove the nozzel the hose flattens even with water running through it. Not going to return it, it was cheaper than buying 100 of black rubber hose, it is lighter and easier for me to handle so I'll just work with it until it gets holes in it, live and learn. BTW it is kept outside on the ground near faucet, it will be hung once I get the hose holder installed.
    Thanks -- you described our problem with this hose exactly, and came to the same conclusions we have.

    And, a warning to others about Barns2Go. When I tried to return it, they just said "Not our problem. Go to the manufacturer."
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    Sorry to hear that others are having so many troubles with the hose. I think I have been able to avoid most of the issues since I am only using a 25 foot length hose and most of the problems seem to be with the longer lengths.

    Once I disconnect from the hydrant, I give it a minute to drain and then I usually will blow air down the hose to get whatever extra water out that I can (habit from the old hose :-) )
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