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    Let me know what you have for:
    Stable sheet- Amigo Mio Stable Sheet
    Turn out- hands down Rambo Duo
    Stable blanket- Rambo Newmarket Cooler
    Wool Dress Sheet- Don't have one
    Cooler- Rambo Newmarket Cooler
    Scrim- Don't use one
    Fly Sheet- It has been a while, but I prefer fly sheets that are mesh fabric. But have had some success with Amigo Mio Flysheet.

    I love love my Rambo Duo as a turnout and using the liners for various weights. It definitely helps keep the blanket rack less full. I have tried many many coolers, wool, fleece, synthetic, but have found that the Newmarket Rambo cooler wicks faster than anything I have used before and doubles as a great stable blanket as well if he is stalled (shows only).
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    Aug. 24, 2007


    Does anyone have the Schneiders Stormtek VFree Marathon in a bellyband? I've been eying the heavyweight but would love to hear how people like it before I buy.

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    Hmm: this is a fun one

    Turnout: I love Rambos... my hanoverian gelding is very destructive. He doesn't bite his blankets or try to get out of them, he just plays very hard. Rambos fit him well and are durable enought for most of his antics.
    islgrl: I have a Schneiders vfree bellyband blanket. It came (new) with a horse and I use it on a very-nice-to-her-jammies mare. it fits well and seems to be lasting fine, though there's not much stress being put on it. I like the belly band as the mare is gray, and it's just that much more material covering her and keeping her clean.
    I also like the custom noreaster turnout from Saratoga Horseworks.

    Stable Blankets: I don't use em'. I layer clean turnouts or sheets/coolers under regular turnouts when necessary, but my barn won't change blankets. Horsies go out in whatever they're wearing, so we only use turnout blankets.

    Coolers: I prefer the custom polerfleece ones from Saratoga Horseworks. Durable, attractive, and easy to maintain. I use these at home, and save the pretty wool ones for horse shows.

    Stable Sheets/Scrims/Wool Dress Sheets: I have Integrity Linens and Blue Ribbon and Triple Crown. I love them all and find they're similar enough in quality that I mix/match fine.
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    Turn out- Dover, RI sheet: holds up well, but I'm not a huge fan of the way it fits in the front.
    Smith Brothers Open Range T/O sheet; love it. Fits great and never shifts/rubs.
    Horze Royal Equus Mid-Season Rug: LOVE!!! 150g filling which is perfect for my horse 99% of the time.
    Horze Fleece Rain Rug: also LOVE!!! The fit is great and its held up really well. Runs large though.

    Fly Sheet- a Schneiders Mosquito Mesh and a Schneiders Dura-Tech Micro-Mesh Fly Sheet. The first is more protective but too hot over 90, so i use the other as a back up for those HOT days
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    My arab has a Rambo Wug medium and a Dover Hug lightweight. Both fit great and don't rub. He has a fleece cooler from Weatherbeeta that I use as a cooler and liner under his turnout if needed. I have an old heavyweight wool cooler I bought from a local barn for him as well. No idea what brand. He lives out right now and is on lease with a little girl who doesn't show so that's the extent of his wardrobe at the moment.

    Now my other horse, well. He's a fitting nightmare. He's a 7 year old warmblood with a swayback. I've tried so many different blankets it's not even funny. Rambo, Amigo, Weatherbeeta, Dover Northwind, Dover's Hug, Dover's RI, Schneider's High Wither/Swayback, Rhino, Turtleneck, the list goes on. NONE of them worked.

    I was trying to get nice stuff, I figured the more expensive, the better the fit. Interestingly I discovered by chance that the Tough-1 blankets are a perfect fit for him. No rubs, no pulls, nothing. So he's outfitted in their 1200D line, a full neck heavyweight, the snuggit mediumweight and a lightweight. He does have Rambo newmarket fleece for shows though because I love how it looks and I have the matching fleece sweatshirt.

    The Amigo Mio flysheet with the built in hood worked one summer but then I got another one and it was cut different and didn't work anymore. So I have the Scheider's Mosquito Mesh which isn't ideal but it works, and yes, it gets hot.

    He doesn't have a scrim sheet or stable sheets but probably will acquire some this year since he will be getting a stall and won't be out 24/7 anymore.

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    May. 12, 2010
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    All the above mentioned blankets are great, but my favorites (because my horse's nickname should be DESTROYER) are blankets I get from my consignment shop. Good blankets, great prices.

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    I third (or fourth?) the Centaur wool dress sheets. Mine is beautiful and nice quality wool for under $100.

    I had a Weatherbeeta sheet the past couple years and really wasn't happy. There were two occasions where the waterproofing failed and my horse got soaked through, and it has been ripping left and right lately. Though to be fair, my horse plays hard and is out with a bunch of geldings who like to rearrange clothing. I just bought the SmartPak Deluxe and put it on him yesterday, so too early to assess durability, but it seems like very nice quality and I like it at first sight. Plus if you're on SmartPerks you can get it monogrammed or personalized for free. (:

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    Jul. 28, 2004


    Two thumbs up for the Smartpak deluxe turnouts. Soft enough to make me feel like the horses are comfy when in their stalls, and allow enough motion so the horses can go out in them too.

    I am very picky about fit in the neck/shoulders, and these are great. The front clips allow for plenty of adjustment. I can adjust the top clip loose to allow them to put their heads down to eat, and the bottom clip tighter to keep the blanket from slipping back. The fit is both high over the withers and not constricting under the neck, at the shoulders, or over the wither.

    I forget how the name the weights, but I believe I have the medium and light. The light one layers well the medium for really cold nights. Those are the only two blankets I feel like I need to own, other than a sweat sheet.

    As far as holding up in group turnout, I do turn them out in pairs. My extremely mouthy youngster plays very hard, and has only managed to rip a small tear in the tail cover of one. Considering how he plays, that is extremely good durability. Haven't bothered to fix it because it is not growing. I really think if you are going to turn out blanketed in groups, you need to expect teeth accidents. I suppose I could go out and buy ballistic material, but I prefer to buy less expensive and just prepare to get out needle and thread once in while. I have seen them grab the material and pull and expected tears, but they have held up so far.
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    Default Schneiders or Pessoa

    I got a Pessoa heavyweight turnout on sale for cheap (less than $200) and MAN is that a great blanket! It is more or less indestructible, still completely waterproof after 3 Wisconsin winters on rough and tumble gelding. I highly recommend it.

    I do enjoy the Schnieders for the price. However, I did notice some of the sheets weren't completely waterproof. So I just bought a can of waterproofing spray for $5, and voila, tough, watertight sheets for less than $100! I put them on over cheap liners. I do also have the V-free with bellyband and love it, though I would prefer a different type of clip in the front. That's just me and my dislike of dog clips. The Pessoa has a nicer clip.
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    I have 10 horses and ponies ranging from 12.2 - 17.1. Some are playful, some are quiet. From Oct thru Jan and again from Late March thru May, they are in Amigo Mio turn-out sheets. They stay dry, they stay (relatively) clean, they wear well and most of them are starting their 3rd season. Best of all, they cost between $75-$80. I'm in the mid-Atlantic so I save their heavy blankets for Feb-March. We're a fan of the Rhino Wug . Some of those are going on season 6 or 7.

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