Just looking for a horse I used to ride/show. He'd be in his early 20s I believe. He was a dark seal bay (almost black, particularly in winter) but always maintained a brown muzzle/gaskin area. Large blaze, two tall front socks, right hind white as well. He is a branded Hanoverian and IIRC at least 16.2. He also has a freezebrand on the right side of his neck though I cannot recall the numbers

A couple discerning characteristics:
-His right ear has a thin ring of white around it that you can see best while you're on him-the best description I can give is it looks like a human bite-mark around his ear (though I am hoping that is not the case!)
-Super ground manners and a very pleasant (albeit slightly forward) ride but he *did* have a (very) occasional habit of going AWOL in crossties, breaking them and bolting.
-Would have been sold probably in the East Coast/Midwest area in spring/summer of 2006/07. Barn name was Alfie but that might've changed when he changed hands.

Sadly, I don't have much more info on him than that--as far as I know, he didn't come with papers. He was just one of my all-time favorites and I'd just like to know if he is doing OK. Thanks in advance