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    Apr. 17, 2002
    between the barn and the pond


    I love my Chevy Duramax 3500 diesel

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    Jun. 28, 2003
    KY, USA


    Owned nothing but Fords 1987 - 2011. 2006 6.0 drove me away! Plus poor follow up engine, then Ford built" diesel starting 2011. Need to see demonstrated reliability on new
    Engine first, and recent experience not good - had to rescue customer when new Ford lost turbo.

    Cummins engine good! Dodge not so much. Don't like the way they drive.

    Consensus #1 in my world is Duramax/Allison. Bought 2011 3500 and it's been awesome.

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    Jun. 27, 2002


    I had a 2001 F250 7.3L for over 10 years, hauled multiple times a week, and it was flawless. Absolutely no complaints with that truck and it served me well. Sold it when I moved to Texas and late last year hubby and I bought a 2012 F250 that we use as a daily driver and for hauling, so we've put some miles on it. I didn't think it could get any better than my old 7.3, but this thing is a beast! All the power in the world, but quiet and comfortable. I think Ford went through some rough years with the 6.0 but they got it right this time around.

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    Aug. 14, 2012


    I love my '03 Dodge. It's a diesel, long bed, 4x4, etc.

    When I found it I wasn't looking for a 4x4 or for a diesel. I'm so glad I ended up with both features.

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    Mar. 3, 2007
    North-Central IL


    I say Chevy. I've driven a number of trucks and know quite a few people that are die-hard either way, but I really prefer how the Chevys handle and they DO seem to have less trouble than the Fords. A majority of the folks I know still won't touch a Dodge because of the transmission issues.
    It's a small world -- unless you gotta walk home.

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    Feb. 25, 2012


    Well Dodge has had its problems with trannys, particulary in the late 80s early 90s. I think part of the problem was that they did not offer a tow haul option that overrides your overdrive. Not using the tow/haul option is a great way to overheat that tranny. Many, certainly not all, tranny problems are "pilot error". And it not ideal that one (still) has to manually put on that tow haul. Many people forget or don't think they need it. During that period the cummins also had some problems.

    Dodge transmissions at this point I think are perfectly adequate, but one could certainly have heavier duty parts. Mine, at 175 k is running perfectly fine, but when I have mine rebuilt (which I will because I will drive this truck forever!!) I will have mine overhauled with heavier duty parts! Allision transmissions are certainly the top of the market at this point, and they are easiliy adaptable to other diesels as well.

    As far as izuzu vs cummins,you can have some great discussions about this. Many will argue that an inline engine is superior to a V. The Izuzu is a V8, so will use more fuel than the dodge 6 cylinder, but I think you will find that MOST people (mechanics, folks who work on their own) would argue that cummins is the best (maybe rivaled by CAT) diesel engine on the market.

    Again, for the best option, get an older Ford, put in a Cummins and and an Allison tranny and you will never EVER want to part with it!

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    Jul. 31, 2007


    All parts being considered, I'd buy a Chevy/GMC diesel at this point.

    Oh and by "Ford got it right this time," that poster is referring to the 6.7 diesel. Fine, but the price tag is way up there and IMO, it will take a long, long time for those trucks to trickle down to the used market and a non-inflated price.
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    Apr. 26, 2010

    Thumbs down

    I have a 99 dodge . the transmission is bad .

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