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    Sep. 12, 2004

    Default Anybody done equine structural integration?

    Sounds like human thinking that this might be just the ticket for my mare who is horribly crooked from some previous medical issues.

    Any feedback?

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    Jan. 19, 2013

    Default yes!

    Equine structural integration is wonderful work! It can unwrap accumulated restrictions and rebalance the connective tissue. This re-patterns the way your horse uses his whole body! Please look into it, its great work!

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    Sep. 13, 2002
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    When you put the phrase into google, i just found out that the very first listing is for the school taught by the guy I have used. He's local to me, recommended by my chiro and another friend, so I gave it a whirl, not knowing at all what to expect. Still don't really understand how it works, but the horse responded well. He was funky, crooked, always a little uneven behind and it really helped. Enough that my trainer then said it worked better for that horse than anything else we had done (chiro, saddle fit, traditional vet, etc.). I'd give it a try again if I felt it would be useful. To me, it was something I tried after chiro helped a little, but not lasting effects.

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    Sep. 12, 2004


    Thanks! I have heard that there is a guy in our area....I just had an acupuncture treatment - she tried to eject the needles in the wither area. He said that he felt that there was a blockage in that area. We have felt something similar during ground work - eg she doesnt really know how to connect her front end to her back end. She was ridden kinda hard by some BIG guys when she was a weedy 6yo, too (and she's like 14.2...), so I dont know what that may have done....

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    Hey Tollertwins,

    Equine Rolfing® Structural Integration is great work! A lot of times when the horse is crooked it is due to restrictions in the tissue. This type of work has the ability to help with this. I had a grand prix jumper that had back issues and my rolfer was able to help greatly with his recovery. This led me to want to be a rolfer that works with people as well as horses. I have seen the work help horses with crookedness in different ways whether it is through the spine, hips etc. It is done by removing the restrictions in the tissue to balance the body.

    Here is a video of what they work looks like

    If you want to learn more about the work go to or contact Lauren at

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