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    Usually one pays much to go to shows to get the judge's opinion. That's the basic idea. If that's a power trip, it's one you've paid dearly for him/her to take.

    If somehow a licensed steward was THAT upset with your daughter's trainer THAT've got lots of things to worry about, with a long list of things much more worrisome than your wee one being witness to adults behaving badly. (Shows are all about that BTW.) In most threads here, most of us WANT stewards to be more, ahem, *assertive* with trainers and aggressive at finding and stopping questionable trainer practices.

    Major bad sportsmanship to show in LL and W/T, no matter what the age or rules say.

    ETA: AFTER I posted this I read OP's mea culpa. Good dad. I've found nothing is as rewarding as spending time at the barn with my daughter. Unstructured time. Hanging out, braiding, grooming, loving. Make the most of it, it goes so fast! There are so many things about being with a pony that will bring her joy, respect for hard work, compassion, and toughness. Very little of that comes from shows. Avoid any trainer who tells you otherwise.
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